Halloween Silver Egg Quickfire Challenge

Halloween Silver Egg Quickfire Challenge

Just doing a quickfire challenge for those who are rolling Halloween REM, here are some thoughts on the silvers:

Masquerade Guest, IzanamiMasquerade Rock Singer, MiseryOld Castle Patissiere, UndinePlayful Star Gods, Thoth & SopdetMasquerade Pumpkineer, Mulan
Mini shield, can throw killers on, but killers are better elsewhere. Meh. Do you like playing poison leads? Yes, keep, no sell.Keep. Undine and Elementals are hard to roll for and you can always use these to cheese some floors.Use as lead to practice combo patterns in Endless if you want. Otherwlse you can sell.3 SB sub, are you Co Oping someone who just needs SBs to button? This is a good sub to keep.

Should have more time later this week to do more Halloween REM stuff.

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