What’s on the Menu?

What’s on the Menu?


So I’m super late to the blogging game as a whole. But here we go! I’m going to be focusing mostly on Puzzle and Dragons stuff, maybe some other games as we go along. As a free sampler, since Halloween REM is coming up, I’ll talk very quickly about my free roll:

Old Castle Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia
Overall Doggo RatingMeh.
StrengthsTriple Row, Bi color Board change with haste.
WeaknessNo RCV, probably inherit only at this point

Main course:

Man, Sonia’s dropped quite a bit from the main juicy steak that she was, she’s like the sauce spoon smear that fancy places used to do and now sometimes you see it and you’re just like meh. Like the sauce hasn’t changed, that balsamic glaze is still as delicious as it once was, you’re just not as excited to eat it again.

I wouldn’t take her for anything beyond an inherit at this point, her lack of RCV kind of hurts as a leader especially as pairing with other dragons or physical typings that are just weak in the RCV department. As a Sub she’s not too bad, 3 dark rows, bind clear, and has SBR, so you’ll be okay there. But again, you need to make up for the RCV somewhere.

Anything that combos hard like Blue Hunter or Anubis/Diabolos pairing wouldn’t mind this as an inherit on their team, remember you can get board screwed on these bi color changes though and get the silly only 3 of one color issue, but that’s rare.

Dessert round:

Keep this unless you’re desperate for Monster Points, which you really shouldn’t be, there are many ways to farm monster points.

Maybe I’ll do a full sampler round of Appetizers for the Halloween REM later.


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  1. You may be late to the party, but at least you bought snacks! Seriously, the more quality blogs we have supporting this game the better. Cheers!

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