4 Gentleman Series Appetizer

4 Gentleman Series Appetizer

4 Piece Appetizer special, Gentlemen.

So it was requested that I do a 4 Gentleman series quick overview. Overall, really Xiu Min (the light one) is the one worth taking a second look at, all the others didn’t gain much. No pretty art as I’m still working on the blog.

Xiang MeiGained FUA and a higher scaling on heart orbs. 144x instead of 122x, not much of a difference. The 3x3 FUA really messes up her LS though, you need 12 hearts to do the FUA AND trigger LS. Leave in Pantry
You YuExtra 7c, no FUA gained, but scales up to 225x.Leave in Pantry
Xin HuaHeart orb hungry still, type restriction still sucks. Gains 3x3 FUA, might be better on this one than Xiang Mei since you just want to connect lots of hearts.Maybe consider putting it on the warmer.
Xiu MinGains a shield when you double light combo. Get your light skyfalls ready, but watch out for your RCV, this guy has none. So light rows and more light rows, weakness is no RCVMaybe consider putting it on the warmer.

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  1. Xiu Min is a poor man’s yog now. You can pair them together if you lack yog but have strong light subs. You have a lot of good light physical sub options now: uuevo raph, uuevo wukong, r ama, ilm, illumnia, alycone, and paimon. That said you don’t need physical cards as his leader skill doesn’t require it so R apollo post heart OE buff is a very good option.

    Xiang Mei received the biggest buff to her leader skill in that she only needs 2 heart combos for her full multiplier now. That said, her sub pool hasn’t changed much and her uuevo hasn’t increased her HP. She isn’t stronger than diara, her own evo mat, as a leader but I think she will still be strong enough to be usable again. My team suggestion: illumnia(saria)/XM(rii)/XM(camael)/XM(uriel)/Gadius(exa hydra)/friend XM(saria)

    1. Totally agree with not needing physical types, might actually be detrimental in his case because he’s got no RCV, like literally none! 😛

      My only worry for Xiang Mei is that awkward FUA combo you’ll need to do, since using Column FUA means you lose row damage, Not really sure how I feel about it. That does look like a good team you’ve made.

      1. I think the 7×6 board mitigates the awkwardness of the super fua but you do have a regular fua option in awoken hestia who offers unbindable heart OEs and a no skyfall active but you wouldn’t have much damage without making a row. I think reincarn uriel has the potential to take the team in a different direction but for now I think XM system is still the best option.

  2. Personally I think You Yu has the most potential out of all of them due to the 7c being good for sub usage, and 225x is nothing to shake your head at either. While it’s true he didn’t get the FUA, we have plenty of blue FUA options available with Skuld, Amatsu and Ryune. I’m really liking the format of this blog, keep up the good work

    1. Thanks! YY’s attack is very impressive, While you can definitely shore up his lack of FUA with other subs, his weakness may come from his lack of RCV multiplier or shield, so spice to add in things to help with that and good luck! I’m sure his play style will be just as rewarding if not more.

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