Judging a judge- how to analyze a dungeon.

Judging a judge- how to analyze a dungeon.

Before you make your menu

Understand the palette of your judge. This means looking at where they are difficult and what you can adjust to satisfy their tastes. For today, we’ll take a look at an example, Floor 8 in the November Challenge. I’m picking floor 8 because I think the majority of people can get to here without a problem, and there are some tricks here that might be a little annoying to deal with

When I’m being serious, before I start I always take a look at the likes and dislikes and cater my menu (team) to handle the challenges ahead and make notes. Sometimes I like to go in blind to challenge myself, but only do that if you have the stamina.

High defense, jammer creation
Or any other of AA2 series make this easy. Or you can bring a defense break if you don't feel confident
Gravity, bindAwoken leader bind badge, unbindable leader, a team that can heal easily.
Resolve Delay or any resolve killler
45k+ executeJust kill it.
Blue Green Orb Skyfall lock, preemptive shieldIf you're running any blue/green leads it might be helpful, but it might hurt later in the dungeon.
Preemptive heal, shield, darkbind, executesTake note of her HP thresholds, if you can't 1 shot her you have to be prepared for her attacks.
Preemptive heal, damage absorb, shield, execute
Seriously, just delay this guy and kill him. Damage control is important. You can also null absorb if you have it like Fujin. Naga is like the MVP whenever you can pop a delay

So once I’ve made the notes, I can adjust my menu accordingly to match the challenges and season a dish to taste for the judge. Remember to take your time to carefully listen to what the person judging you is saying, take notes, and adjust accordingly.



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