Bedazzling your dishes, Gemstones!

Bedazzling your dishes, Gemstones!

So you got some rock sugar to use…

Some of you may have been getting a nice little bonus from your vendor, depending on how hard you have been working (Rank 500 stone rolls during this event) and one of the special things you are likely to get is a bedazzling spice that we’ll just call Gemstones (Gemstone Princess series, see what I did there?)

Some of them are more sought out after the others, but don’t worry, everything you get almost always has a use in a dish, and I’m here to help you be not the worst cook.

About these ingredients

So to start I want to let you know that these ingredients are usually not used as a stand alone key feature in a dish (not the leader), seriously do you want to just eat a bowl of rock sugar for a meal? Don’t answer that, because some of you will say yes

Nor are these healthy enough ingredients to add as a stand alone as they are lacking in all the macronutrients of Carbs, Protien, or Fat(stats aren’t that good).

What these are amazing at is enhancing on top of what you already have to reall WOW the judges, like bedazzling your plate to the judges and getting some presentation points!

The Spicy, Silk

I wouldn’t say this spice is smooth as silk, it’s frankly not and probably one of the lesser efficient ones to have. That being said, again, everything has its uses.

For anything that you have lots of general spice to (Fire Orb Enhance) or fragrance (Light Orb Enhance), or even just to help bring out some delicious fatty flavors (Heart Orb Enhance) you should definitely be using this. So for example, if your key ingredient(leads) is one of these spices:

Then I would recommend adding her has a bedazzling ingredient to any of your spices you are using, ESPECIALLY if you have some of these ingredients


However, because she is so limited as a bedazzler, I don’t think she’s the best at improving presentation for the judges.

The Sour, Carat

This Gemstone  is probably be best of the bunch. It is the most versatile of gemstones as any of the bedazzling that you add with it will just automatically be better (damage boost on Skill boost awokens, everything has SB awokens these days)

I think if I went on a list of what you can use this one on, it would just be ALL THE THINGS! Consider yourself every lucky if you have one of these bedazzlers!

Earthy Flavors, Cameo

I think this one’s about the same as the spicy one, Silk. It’s very specific to a few key ingredients and spices, but I think it has more fun effects as you can watch this bedazzling blow away judges (really, you can make silly damage numbers with this one)

So with dishes that aren’t as popular these days (not in the meta) but still good to use, you can try it with these key ingredients.


If you’d like some fun things to do with the bedazzling for this, you should check out some of these spices to use this on top of (consider inheriting over these)


The Fragrance, Facet

They say the sense of smell is the most sensual of senses. If you are cooking for 2 (TPA) then this is the kind of bedazzling you want! This one isn’t quite as flexible as adding the sour Carat, but it’s still widely popular.

Here are some of the main ingredients (leads you’ll probably want to use this with) that you can use to bedazzle with other ingredients (inherit this over some subs, or the lead)


This list can get pretty long, but the point is if your dish is focused on service for 2 (TPA teams) You can probably fit this bedazzler in somewhere.

The Bitter, Sheen

Bitter spices are hard to work with. This Plate bedazzler is also really strange. The majority of the time, for the dishes you’ll want to enhance, you’re already overloading on Protein (ATK). Lots of dishes that really require time to enjoy and savor (Anubis/Diablos, Kushinada) don’t really have a need for that much Protein. That being said, this is about as flexible as Carat, but you probably won’t see as much as a boost as Carat, especially if you are already focusing on teams that require a longer digestion period (TEs)

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  1. As more equip evolutions come out, cards will be able to have more awakenings and thus the more niche gemstones should become more viable as well as their farmable siblings – Camael, Ibaraki, etc. That is, unless I am mistaken and the equipped awakenings don’t count.

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