A New Inspiration- Jewel of Creation!

A New Inspiration- Jewel of Creation!

Equipment Evolutions

What imagination! Let’s there’s some new creations abound for new things to do with our ingredients in our kitchen! These new flavors will do more than just add layers to your ingredients, they will also enhance them and give them more depth of flavor.

Basically these all function like normal assist, but the Awoken skills get added on to your base unit. So these can have some high impact on taking on challenges when used appropriately:

So let’s go ahead and gets started!

Red Sonia Equip




So Red Sonia, she’s like the Sriracha, everyone loved her, some still like her a bit but she was just popular for that time. Annnndddd it’s still true with her equip evo. She’s probably useable in red row teams, but that’s not really popular anymore, maybe if you were doing some farming with Goemons it could be good to use as a delay resist. So basically, still Sriracha, not much has changed, good for what it does, people aren’t hyped about it anymore.

Sumire Equip




Sumire is probably one of the more attractive of the equips to use. This is because of the SBR component. Think of this as the new fad of spice infusion, molecular gastronomy, lemme throw this thing in liquid nitrogen before I serve it kind of deal. People will be excited about this for a bit since it brings an extra SBR, but the active skill makes it not very flexible, like really, don’t throw that filet mignon into liquid nitrogen before you serve it because it looks cool.

Green Odin Equip




This is kind of like old dried out basil, Green Odin’s inherit was already strong for when you needed it, this version of the equip doesn’t do much else, the extra auto heals kind of help but not really, maybe in no RCV dungeons, but if you’re already inheriting odin you’re doing it for the active, which doesn’t change much in this form.

Light metatron Equip




I think for this one the key thing is the extra bind recover. Not every part of your dish will be immune to judges who just have a prejudice (we don’t all have unbindable units for everything) so this is a good extra depth of flavor to add on, plus the extra active will help with taking care of it.

Zuoh Equip




This is like marinating with dark rum, but now you’re adding that dark spiced rum to it. If you’re already playing dark row teams you are probably already using Zuoh in some way shape or form, but, this just makes the rows that much sweeter.

Heart Breaker Equips






I’m lumping these together because they are all essentially the same, they all give 2 OE of their color and a little bit more. Overall these really aren’t worth using your jewels on, just like their series, heartbreaking.

Ninja Equips






These aren’t as bad as the heart breakers. They all add a row, which is nicer than 2 OE in my opinion and they all do some sort of hazard resist, which is nice when it happens but never absolutely necessary. But again, probably not worth your jewel.

Starling Equip




Um…It’s a pretty looking dress? The awokens that get carried over are meh, but if the orb change assist is what you need you can take the bonus damage from OE.

Zaerog Equips





Um…what year is it? I’m not sure why these have the Vendor killer and the Awoken Killer? Maybe it’s something for the future? I’m not entirely sure and I’m puzzled by this basket of ingredients.

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