8 bits in a Bite- Healer Girl Pixel review!

8 bits in a Bite- Healer Girl Pixel review!

Going Retro with old favorites- Healer Girl Pixel Ult review

We’re bringing the old health food craze back! This time we’re revisiting them like it was the pixelated days. We’re going to take a look at each of the new ults of the healer girls: Echidna, Siren, Alraune, Angel, and Lilith.

Pixel Empress of Serpents, Echidna

Still probably one of the best MVPs of this entire game. The reason why I call her MVP is that it’s so good to be able to have a 3 turn delay on a 10 turn cooldown. Almost anything that doesn’t have a status shield can be easily destroyed with 3 extra turns. Her downside is usually her stats and lack of good awakenings. However, this old style of cooking snake in a cast iron pan now includes a deep fry version that cuts right through some types of palettes. Actually all of them now have this capability (All of them have doomblock!). Additionally, as a focus ingredient in a dish (leader) she makes quick work of anyone who loves fried food.
In short:

  • What’s good just got better, she’s still great where you need delays, and now has doomblock. Superb fast farming team, can pair with anyone who does damage on match, would work great with something like Kagutsuchi.

Pixel Enchantress of the Sea, Siren

Very much like the above deep fried snake dish, this deliciously steamed fish dish is also better than the way we were cooking with it before. Her key flavor profile (active skill) might not be as useful in some settings, but in very niche settings where the judges won’t give you a break to rest and recover (no RCV dungeons) her using this ingredient in your entire course may be the key to helping you catch your breath and push through! If you remember the old school days of Puzzle and Dragons and cooking with pretty old ingredients (zombie teams) she’s way better in this form for purposes of revisiting that style of cooking if you wish, though I don’t recommend it.

In short:

  • Blue is a great zombie team base as you have an easily pairable lead in Orochi if you REALLY want to lead with her. Other than that, the doomblock option as stated before with all these healer girls are great. None of her other awokens are super good, but her active when paired with something that heart breaks can give you a good damage board if needed, or to save yourself in no RCV dungeons.

Pixel Mystical Forest Pixie, Alraune

So this ingredient might not see the focus in the hands of some other chefs (looking at you, Chirei) but I think this good old fashioned tuber root dish does have some new uses, most notably in the popular Awoken Liu Bei. With the Doomblock awoken now available, this opens up for more ways to wow difficult judges with the paired cooking format of the Awoken Liu Bei featured dishes. It should be fairly easily to setup and you’ll be able to punch through those critics in no time!

In short:

  • This one’s still one of the weaker ones. Exception is in ALB teams where you can setup a doomblock if you need to. Ideally, Pixel Bartz is better, but if you didn’t roll him, she works.

Pixel Messenger of God, Archangel

So, we can fry chicken wings in another way. Fried Chicken is always good. But, fried chicken can sometimes just be too much. Overall, she’s still not very useful. It’s slightly more of the same.

In short:

  • Just really not worth it, underwhelming. Active isn’t unique enough, and there are way better light doomblocks.

Pixel Witch of the Night, Lilith

I feel like she’s like hershey’s kisses when you first had them. She’s still like that. Just Meh, low on the totem pole for candy trading even.

In short:

  • Just like Angel, not worth.

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