Revisiting your Starter Dragon- Pixel Starters Review

Revisiting your Starter Dragon- Pixel Starters Review

Are you new to Puzzle and Dragons?

So recently all the starter dragons you can pick: fork, knife, or spoon- I mean… Tyrra, Plessi, Brachy, all got a new ultimate evolution. Before these new evolutions, once you reached your first few godfest rolls you didn’t really ever consider them ever again. So if you were a monster and you sold them, it makes me sad. But if you kept them, you have some new uses for them now.


These starters are all the same, but with different elements. I’ll talk about the commonalities first:

  • Awokens

They all give the same set of awokens: Passive Attack, Health, Skill Boost, Team Health Boost, Team Recovery Boost, and Doomblock.

Each starter in the pixel evo form is great to have because it is a doomblock option for any of your teams. The team awoken bonuses are also nothing to snub your nose at, they provide a great amount of stability to your team.

  • Macro nutrients (stats)

They are all approximately 3000 (HP)carbs, 1200 (ATK)protein, 300 (RCV)fat. This isn’t the most nutritious piece, but they’re pretty hearty, plus with the above awokens, it can really help.

  • As a key ingredient

They are all bonuses to the same type, so more spice for Tyrra, more tangy flavors for Plessi, and more earthy flavors for Brachy. More importantly you’ll want lots of the same element on the board to make rows (or more) Ideally you’d pair with things that give a buff for more ATK and hopefully some HP for their same element.

  • As a supplemental ingredient (sub)

If you have the patience to max skill these, they make great bases to throw an inherit over because of their short cooldown on their actives. Secondly, they all have doomblock. Now you should always have a doomblock option to go to if you kept your starter. Lastly, they are all balance type, so if you really need it and if you have killers laying around you can throw them over to your loyal starter.


Some like it hot- Spicy Starter Tyra

Join the cool kids club like me, still a great farming lead to use. Pair it with Pixel Echidna for those who have just started. This will clear loads of amazing low level content that just need to be farmed (masks, lits, etc).

Also works great as a key ingredient when paired with:




Shivadragon might not buff Tyrra with god type, but with the fire bonus alone it should be enough to nuke most things. Hino requires more matching activate. But all these 3 pairings should get you through lots of starting content.

A chilled dish, Starter Plessi

Name your plessi after you kid (not really, Source).  Let’s talk about blue rows- it’s a bit more specific as there aren’t that many that come up to the top of my head that are popular, so this is probably my lowest suggested starter for now.

I think this is the only still semi used lead in the current meta that newer players can find to use. Match blue rows to destroy things. Unfortunately, blue rows are not as big anymore.

The new popular, Starter Brachy

This was the not cool kids club pick. But now is THE cool kids club pick. One reason:




ALB(should be RLB these days) are powerful. You can find some sample guides on how to clear lots of content and farm content with little to no effort when you use co op(source). Brachy is now the best starter as you can pair with Liu Bei to multiplay your way through almost anything.

One last note

You’ll need the pixelit to evolve to these dragons:

They are random invades in the Friday Mythical dungeon.


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  1. Once NA gets mercury ult, a team with a combination of mercury and whaledors will be a pretty solid farmable team. You can SI some low REM options onto the whaledor(s) like mori. But brachy with dioses is still much easier to make and is much more brainless to use. Btw, the new website format is much better.

    1. Thanks! I know I’ve been a bit slow on updates but the holidays are really ramping up for me. Plus I made some stuff that’s marinating and ready to go for when they happen.

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