Don’t eat yellow snow, but Lemon Cotton Candy is fine.

Don’t eat yellow snow, but Lemon Cotton Candy is fine.

New GFE- Cotton (Candy)


Welcome to the dessert kitchen! Today we will talk about making Cotton (Candy). As she is scheduled to make an appearance in our pantry on November 30 I’m going to teach you how to properly flavor your cotton candy. Yes, yellow cotton candy is fine to eat, but not yellow snow.


Plain Flavored




If you are lucky enough to get a delivery of Cotton Candy in your pantry, we’ll talk about her plain flavor first. S

  • Leader Skill- HP x2, ATK x8 when Dragon Callers or Dragonbounds in the same team.

EDIT- As pointed out I misread this. You need all dragon callers/dragonbound. Extremely meh and restrictive compared to flavored cotton candy.

Cotton Candy is still Cotton Candy

Ultimately- cotton candy when flavored is still largely cotton candy. It’s different from plain, but they are practically all the same.

  • Awokens

All their awokens are the same. Unbindable, SB, SBR, TE, FUA, 2 7c. Cotton will never have to worry about resolve bosses and is a combo based lead. This makes it somewhat harder for newer players who are still learning the ropes to be able to combo 7 or more consistently without much TE.

  • Leader Skill Similarities

All their Leader skills are similar. You are looking at a 25% shield per Cotton, so a little over 40% consistent shield if you can combo consistently. At 6 combos you get a ATK and RCV boost. This is important because you need to hit 7c anyways when using Cotton. Her multipler is 100x not counting the 7cs that she has, with both 7c she’s hitting 400x on her own.

  • Active Skill Similarities

All Actives are 2 color orb changers, 1 color to Cotton’s main color and 1 color to hearts. On a 5 turn cooldown! I haven’t seen a 5 turn 2 color orb change at all, if ever. This is a really strong skill. With any haste actives, this skill is almost always up to help you do more damage and heal up.

  • Dish Composition

Most of them you’ll probably want anything that can help with skyfall or orb changers, double indian 2, greco roman 2, are prime candidates. Any board changer that helps you get the colors you need are also useful. Try to find things with 7c to help with the combo damage since you’re aiming for high combos, avoid row based subs.

  • Special side note

You can always pair her up with Diablos, don’t HAVE to make a Melon (Green) one, any flavor works with diablos.

Template Cotton Candy Serving methods

Since these are largely just the same base with a different food coloring on them, I figured the best way to help out everyone understand is to provide a few groups to pick from. Advantage is that she’s largely flexible, and you can move and swap around as you need. I think as the serving method is very flexible I will keep this flexible as well and it is not meant to be an exhaustive list.


All Colors

  • Ney


Ney is the next level flexible sub. Literally pick the one that matches your Cotton and you are set, or if you already made Neys (like me) use the evo that matches the Neys you made.

  • Cotton


Because you can.

  • Greco 2


Yeah buddy, some throwback time! These are great to use because they provide huge amounts of damage and a skyfall bonus! You want some souvlaki with that?

  • Three kingdoms 2

Orb unlocks are always useful. Diao Chan is especially useful due to the time Extend she brings. But yes, these will help you unlock all the deep flavors that you can bring forward!


  • Samurai 2


These are all great board changers, keep in mind the non-awoken form makes for great assists to help with board change + combo count for combo breaks

  • Constellation


More orb changing/hazard removal as well as some sweet sweet god killers. Enjoy some cotton candy under the stars with your date!

Tri color, Strawberry, Blueberry, Melon

  • Indian 2


These are good choices if you are going the non-light/dark route for her. Consider using 2 to have a constant flavor blast going (Perma skyfall buff)

  • Norns


The recent split evos from the Norns have helped them come back into a little more relevance as subs. They also carry with them extra 7cs.

  • Hero series


The newer awoken forms did get some extra love in terms of the 7c awokens. It’s unfortunate that Pandora and Wu Kong are row based. While you can still use them, the row mechanic might not be so good to stack. It is possible to do 1 row and then combo, but it might be more advantageous with a 7c focused lead to just break the row into 2 separate parts and get the extra combo.



Cotton is a very flexible lead and is very powerful. Her own active skill is a very short cooldown and will almost ensure you will have activation. Because of her very broad leader skill her sub set selection is also very easy to work with. Ultimately she’s one of the strongest leaders out there and might be for a very long time.


Allez Puzzling!



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