There’s only one way to make a Gremory.

There’s only one way to make a Gremory.

Revisiting an old favorite, Gremory.


I’ve actually had Gremory for quite some time and she was a favorite to serve up on my Japan account. I actually didn’t have many subs for her to start with so I was running her with things such as Chaos Dragon Knight, Voice. This was actually a request I got.

Her split Ult is not new, but it is still very powerful. In my opinion, as much as I’d like to discuss usability of everything, there is clearly one way of creating this dish that is superior to the other. The version you want to use is theĀ Silent Eye’s Evil Duchess, Gremory. The one without the sub attribute. The reason is that Gremory doesn’t have a problem dealing damage. She does however, need more staying power in hard hittingĀ  content.

Note her Stat line split: 6102HP/1901ATK/750RCV, wondrous macro-nutrient split, such nutrition, wow!

  • Awokens

Unbindable, Bind Clear, 3 Dark Rows, SB, SBR, TE.

The great thing about her is that she’s very clear in how she wants to be prepped, Dark Rows.

Proper Preparation

So to talk proper preparation, you need 2 things for her: Dark Rows, as stated above, and Heart making. She is vulnerable when she doesn’t have her shield active as with many other shield dependent units. Think of her as another version of

But without the training wheels on the move time. So if you feel confident about your orb skills, you can go straight for more burst or orb changing skills. If you feel the need for some training wheels I’d recommend

On her own she’s an extra 2 second orb movement increase. Her active gives you even more time if you really need it.

As for other subs since she is rather orb hungry- 5 heart orbs and 6 dark orbs at a minimum for any respectable burst, 12 dark orbs if you really want to try for max damage, it’s a tall order when 17/36 orbs are going to be specific to one color or another.

My setup I’d suggest something like this: 2 orb changers, 2 board changers, 1 utility.

So for orb changers there’s really only 2 choices that are honestly the best in my opinion:





These two give you exactly what you need- Heart orbs AND dark orbs. I would definitely use 1 of each since you can then combo them into any board changers you might have to fix the boards. What you are looking for in orb changers is preferably something like these two.





For board changers, if you don’t have a perfect board changer, make sure it can be fixed with an orb changer if you absolutely need to, though Gremory’s active herself should be able to fill in any missed orbs that you don’t get enough of.

Ending Notes

Gremory is still just as powerful if not more powerful than she was before. This split ult is the one you want because it shores up her greatest weakness of the shield not being strong enough. She is capable of clearing some serious content. Some of her downfalls and weaknesses are combo shields, damage voids and absorbs as she is basically an all or nothing lead. Feel free to leave comments!



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