New Split Ult thoughts

New Split Ult thoughts

A look ahead for the Spilt ults

Split Ults have been released in the Japanese version:

  • Australis
  • Dark Kali
  • Light Kali
  • Dantalion
  • Sitri
  • Acubens
  • Ronove
  • Eschamali

Here’s my TL:DR recommendation for each evo:

  • Australis – Blue/Green
  • Dark Kali – Dark > Dark/Red
  • Light Kali- Light > Light/Red
  • Dantalion- Red for sub, Red/Dark for Lead
  • Sitri- Blue for Sub, Blue/Light for Lead
  • Acubens – Blue/Red for Lead, Blue/Blue for Sub
  • Ronove – Green > Green/Red
  • Eschamali Dark/Light for sub, Dark for Lead.

So let’s take a look at them and see if we can help you pick which one you want to go to.


Green eggs and ham- Australis





Oh boy, I’ve got way too many of these. For his split ult, he’s really still the same, all rows, not a bad inherit for ALB teams for fake skill delay,

Blue Green version is 1 more Row, 1 SB, 1 SBR. less of a stat increase than just Green version.

The Green version can take a Physical Killer in addition to the God/Devil/Balance killer already available.

If you want to use it on a team go with the B/G version, if you are going for inherit, go for the green version for stats.

Red Grapes – Dark Kali

What a stat monster of a split ult. This one differs in the awakenings.

The same awakenings: 2 SB, Unbindable, TPA, SBR.

What you lose: Bind Clear, TE

What you Gain, 2 7c, Guard break

This makes her much more offensive oriented. On high combo count teams along with her board change you get some great options for dealing with High Defense monsters. The new awoken does cost you some available killers from Devil/Healer/Machine to Devil/God

Her new spilt ult also has a new leader skill: You get 1.5x ATK and RCV. So dual leading her is 2.25 ATK and RCV. You get some extra move time to make the 4 color match you need for her activation. You will need to be careful with the larger hits as she doesn’t have a shield attached to her activation for her leader skill.

Mango – Light Kali





This is similar to the Dark Kali Split Ult for stats, much better stats than before.

In terms of awakenings, you are giving up 1 TE for lots more: Unbindable and an extra TPA. I think this is a better trade off on top of the stats increase. She does go through a type change so her available killers goes from Devil/Attacker/Dragon to just Devil/God.

If you are wanting to lead her: same as Dkali above, ATK and RCV bonuses for matching colors as well as some time increase and baseline stat increase. Same weaknesses of lacking a shield or having good effective HP for her leader skill.

Extra Sriracha- Dantalion




I’m actually really sad that these aren’t super strong. I have 4 of them.

That being said:

Red Version: Awakenings the same, Leader skill the same, just a straight up stat boost.

Red/Dark Version: Type change so his killer options are different. Available killers go from: Devil/God/Physical to Devil/Healer/Machine. In addition you get an extra TE awakening. The LS adds flexibility as it adds a dark cross in addition to the fire cross to activate, but I don’t think it will give him any more popularity than he has now.

Ceviche – Sitri





Similar to Dantalion, her 2 split ults have one with no sub color and one with a sub element which also happens to be the opposite of Dantalions!

Blue Version: She gets 3 team recovery awokens. This is a great awoken to have especially for blue as many of the units in blue tend to be physical type with bad RCV. If you can’t really decide if you want one or the other this one is a safe bet.

Blue/Light Version: Type change, killer options change from Attacker/Dragon/God to Devil/God/Physical. Extra TE awakening isn’t as appealing as three team rcv awokens. The LS change is the same as Dantalion, you can add in extra Light Crosses to activate, but again, I don’t think she’ll gain much traction.

Palate Cleanser- Acubens





Bringing that Jammer meta back! Active skill is still the same.

Blue/Blue version: Gains an SB, OE, 7c. Play style is closer to the old form as you are making 5 jammers for the max multiplier. No type change. This one’s the straight up upgrade.

Blue/Red version: Gains extra SB. Killer options increase to include physical killer. The shield is better on this one as you just need 5 combos and it’s not element restricted. But the requirement is you’ll need 6 jammers to make 2 combos instead of 5 to make one combo for the burst.

If you’ve got multiple make one the Blue/Red and sub the blue blue, it should be a fun lead to play.

Rock Ballad Dinner Serenade- Ronove





I’ll be honest. I couldn’t think of a food item to match this guy. I tried. Active skill is still the same. Ronove went the same path as Gremory, you’re looking at a higher shield or higher attack.

Green version: This is my recommended version. You have the same attack multiplier but the shield is much stronger. Ronove never really had an issue with damage. The God killer also helps make up for the lower multiplier compared to the Green/Red version.

Green/Red version: You get a TPA, a higher multiplier but you need to match an extra color, and a bonus available latent killer for physical. I think this one is the weaker version of the two.

Chocolate Truffles- Eschamali





She gets 1 direct upgrade and 1 leader-esque ult. Actives are the same:

Dark/Light version: Go with this version if you are already using her as a sub. The leader skill for her is just the same as escha but with a higher multiplier. I don’t think we’ll see much movement in players leading her with this version.

Dark/Dark version: This one goes through pretty drastic changes. Awoken skills are reworked to: Unbindable, 2 7c,  2SB, SBR. You don’t have any OE anymore. Furthermore, the leader skills is also significantly different, she’s closer to Krishna/Yogs style leads where you need to match multiple on color combos, 2 dark, in her case to activate a shield. Her killers are also much more limited to only Balanced and God. I’m pretty skeptical of her as a lead.


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