Monster Hunter Collab Returns!

Monster Hunter Collab Returns!

Return of the Monster Hunter Collab!

Well, with Monster Hunter World coming out, can’t say this was a surprise. We’re going to see some more awesome monsters, and even cooler, equip evos, which makes a TON of sense as Monster Hunter revolves around killing monsters, making items out of their parts, and killing more monsters!

So let’s go ahead and get started looking at some of these cool new things. A quick note, these Equip evos all have the same skill and stats as their normal forms.

Rathalos Equip Evo


Let’s overcook some dragons!



For Equip Evos I will forgo the awaken listed as equip evo, since it should be pretty obvious.

Non Color Stat Bonus: 100 ATK

On Color Stat Bonus: 450 HP, 240 ATK 39 RCV

This is something that works great with any red team, preferably high combo based like Shiva and Krishna. Randomly generating 6 fire orbs will get you at least 2 combos of red, plus some more bonus damage on the OE side. On element bonuses are really nice too, 400 health and 300 ATK is nothing to sneeze at considering multipliers in the game.


Rathian Equip Evo


I heard you like shis kebabs!



Non Color Stat Bonus: 100 ATK

On Color Stat Bonus: 443 HP, 234 ATK 42 RCV

With FUA, delay inherits, it’s really just mostly for cheese on dungeons that might decide to just spawn poison orbs left and right. Can use this as a fake SDR on green units if you want. Really not worth using a Jewel of Creation on to be honest.


Narga Equip Evo




Non Color Stat Bonus: 100 ATK

On Color Stat Bonus: 414 HP, 229 ATK 64 RCV

Most cross leaders want two crosses, being able to generate a single cross is kind of a risk, as you’ll need at least 5 other dark to make 2 dark crosses like for Aizen. The cooldown is a bit low even if you didn’t skill it up for me to feel like it’s of a good use for fake SDR, with skill boosts and everything it might run the risk of running over your base skill. Unfortunately the the awakenings are also pretty situational. Not worth.

Tigrex Equip Evo




Non Color Stat Bonus: 300 ATK

On Color Stat Bonus: 604 HP, 408 ATK 15 RCV

Board change and 3x Attack, this boost is really strong. Sure, the board change comes with jammers but you’re going to get your combo counts in anyways. Lots of damage coming from using this if you’ve got a board change sub if you don’t need FUA, or if you are running a jammer lead. The stat boosts are this one are really worth, 300 ATK on high multiplier teams can mean a huge difference.

Astalos Equip Evo




Non Color Stat Bonus: 100 ATK

On Color Stat Bonus: 450 HP, 235 ATK, 27 RCV

I suppose if you really want to kill some random stuff that might invade like Pii, EKMD, etc? Though there are many ways around it already without needing killers, might be useful in the future.

Gammoth Equip Evo




Non Color Stat Bonus:  1000 HP, 100 ATK

On Color Stat Bonus: 1706 HP, 178 ATK, 15 RCV

Nice stat boosts, pretty decent active on something like Umisachi or other more color restricted leads, not bad if you want to use it on a high combo count team if you’re not really needing any light or fire orbs. Amazing HP bonus from the raw stats, really should consider using this as an equip evo.

Amatsu Equip Evo




Non Color Stat Bonus:  Team +10% HP, 100 ATK

On Color Stat Bonus: 905 HP, 181 ATK, 9 RCV, Team +10% HP

Do you have infinite amatsu? If you really want to, I suppose you can, but really you’re better off keeping Amatsu as is. Don’t do it.

Glavenus Equip Evo

Non Color Stat Bonus: 100 ATK

On Color Stat Bonus: 540 HP, 232 ATK,  50 RCV

An equip Evo that blocks the nasty scroll lock on your board.  That part is useful in some situations. It’s still a great inherit for having FUA, pretty good if you have dragon type and attacker type on the team, because you’re doing FUA for OHKOs.

Mitsuzune Equip Evo

Non Color Stat Bonus: 100 ATK

On Color Stat Bonus: 360 HP, 201 ATK,  150 RCV

Does your team need RCV? Mitsuzune itself has the advantage of co op boost and FUA. If you don’t need that for either and you’re running a low RCV team or a no RCV dungeon this might be an okay evo to use.

Valphalk Equip Evo

Non Color Stat Bonus: 100 ATK

On Color Stat Bonus: 391 HP, 235 ATK, 75 RCV

True damage and full board change is where this is great. The awokens such as TPA are a nice bonus but not really game changing. It’s great for dealing with high defense floors. There are other evos you can use for this purpose though, so unless you’re really hurting for a true damage + Board changer, not recommended

Kirin Equip Evo


Non Color Stat Bonus: 100 ATK

On Color Stat Bonus: 352 HP, 232 ATK, 98 RCV

3 bonus rows is great if your team is built around that. A full row of light will give you 2 light combos, exactly what you need for Yog without taking away anything and it gives an extra combo count if that’s what you need too. Unfortunately, Kirin is a rare pull, and honestly i’d rather just use the raw inherit unless I had some extras kirins laying around.



Non Color Stat Bonus: 100 ATK

On Color Stat Bonus: 450 HP, 258 ATK, 75 RCV




Main Dish



Leader Skill: Water type HP x1.5, ATK x3. Attacking with Water and Light ATK x2.5.

So the water/light combo is really interesting, not many units currently have it, and if they did have it, they’re either old collabs or pretty hard to get, the ones that come to mind that are water type and would ensure water and light on the board would be ones like Nene, Kaoru, Beach Tachi. Luckily, his active covers for himself too so you don’t need to worry too too much about it. Your total attack multiplier is actually still pretty low at 56x. To get the real damage you’ll want to TPA

Here is a list of all the TPA blue subs that you might want to consider.

Side Dish

Active Skill: All orbs to water, light and heart. Delay 2 turns.

This is a great active, not only for himself but for many other teams like Yog and Meri, being a 2 color coverage sub he works great for all attribute needed. Let’s also not forget the really amazing Blue Hunter who shares the main attribute and could also use a board change that’s great for co ops. Let’s also not forget the usability of him on Ameno, which he’s probably a near perfect sub.


Anywhere you think the board change will be handy- as stated above, if you’re running any Nene, Yog, or Ameno and need a board changer/delay that is where I’d use him.


Try him with Ameno, I think you’ll find it to be a decent pairing with the HP buff, the comboing may be a little more difficult as you’ll need to match the light orbs to get the multiplier from Ameno, but then find the TPA for water for Barioth, but it should be doable.

Barioth Assist Evo




Non Color Stat Bonus:  400 RCV, 100 ATK

On Color Stat Bonus:  488 HP, 181 ATK, 490 RCV

I really wish this equip had better awokens, it would be so nice if it did, but as it stands it’s not really a strong equip. The good thing is Bairoth is only a 5 star roll so, so you might be able to make a few of these if you’re rolling.



Main Dish



Leader Skill: Light and Fire HP x1.5, ATK x3.5. 2 Jammer combo reduce damage taken, ATK x4.

It’s Jammer time! Look at this guy, double Devil killer, 7c, effective HP boost and high attack multiplier. Unfortunately because of his reliance on not only 2 colors for the baseline stat boost, layer that on top of the need for jammers, you’re looking at a tiny tiny sub pool. Light Jorg and Fenrir Viz are probably your best bets as subs for him.

Side Dish

Active Skill: Deal 300x ATK light damage to single target. Change top and bottom row to jammers..

If you’re already running Fenrir Viz, then you have a great use for him. Unfortunately because of the specialty of the jammers, he’s really relegated to just that spot.


I think this is where he’s better, if you’re running off color jammer teams like Acubens or Fenrir, consider his skill as it is both a high damage attack and also gives you the orbs you need. If yiou’re down for lasers, you should really try this on Xmas Solais.


Fenrir Viz or Light Jorg are the two I’d consider trying a pairing with.

Brachydios Equip Evo



Non Color Stat Bonus:  100 ATK

On Color Stat Bonus:  410 HP, 265 ATK, 36 RCV

4 OE works great on many teams! The cooldown on the skill is long enough to not really worry about it rolling over if you don’t need the jammers. Probably look at throwing this onto something like Light Escha or Apollo.



Main Dish



Leader Skill: Attacking with 5 colors ATK x4, reduce damage taken. 7 combos ATK x3, reduce damage taken.

Rainbow combo combo combo! The great thing is that any of the board changers you’ve been sitting on like Sherias Roots, Sherias, Lkali, Dkali, Ragnarok Dragon will all work just fine for this guy. What is really insane about this guy is the skill haste. You’ll be able to bring up his active skill much faster each time you are activating his leader skill.

Side Dish

Active Skill: For 1 turn void damage absorb shield. Change all orbs to fire, water, wood, light and dark.

This guy’s active is like Fujin v 1.5, You get the coveted damage absorb null, but you also get a board changer, lacking only hearts, but if you’re popping that void absorb skill you’re looking to OHKO anyways. This skill is worth chasing for if you don’t have a Fujin type and have other things you want to roll for in this collab as well.


Amazing flexibility on where you’d want to use the inherit due to the board change/Fujin active. If you have a reason to need a Fujin active, you have reason to inherit this.


Try a Diablos pairing for some sillyness, you’re going to just rainbow combo hard and have a really nice shield on a 7×6 board.

Zingore Equip Evo



Non Color Stat Bonus:  100 ATK

On Color Stat Bonus:  601 HP, 201 ATK, 22 RCV

I think I’d rather have Zingore than the Equip evo, but if you’re swimming in them, you’ll get an SBR awoken which is nice, and the same active. Only do this if you’re literally swimming in Zingore.



Main Dish



Leader Skill: Dragon type ATK x3. TE +2 sec. Cross Dark or Water ATK x2.5 each.

So you’re looking at something like an Aizen type lead but with less sustainability and more restrictions. Dark and Blue Dragons are your types to look for at the start, so I suggest giving this list here a look, but specifically Ryune, Bloina, Typhon would all be great subs. I feel that Dragons for the most part have a high enough HP, but lack some RCV, so you might get away with shorter dungeons, but longer ones that require some staying power may be challenging with him as a lead.

Side Dish

Active Skill: All orbs to Water, Dark and Heal. For 2 turns, TE x1.5.

This skill is great for Dath and Aizen teams, but they’re not super popular. It’s entirely possible to sub him in for any high combo count teams that are dark focused like Dark Ideal and Anubis as well. Since he also has 3 TE it shouldn’t be too hard to find a slot for him on those teams.


A tri color board change is always welcome for the colors you need since it can give you a setup for FUA, Damage Null Pierce, etc. The added bonus of a 1.5x TE will also help with that. Anywhere you’re running Water or Dark heavy this is one to consider.


I honestly can’t think of a dragon cross lead that would be good with him to try out.



Main Dish



Leader Skill: No Skyfall, Attacking with Water, Wood and Dark ATK x4. Leaving less than (or equals to) 7 orbs after puzzling ATK x4.

I think you can easily fill the slots on this team with subs like UY and Seiryuu and have a fun time going through things. Definitely consider UY as a top tier sub as he will almost always give you a full board you need to trigger the leader skill, provided you have jammer or poison on the board. Seriyuu is the sub that will definitely give you the perfect board change.

Whatever you do, make sure there is at least one sub that is carrying the dark attribute on your team so you can trigger half of your leader skill. Unfortunately, without any offensive awokens there’s an upper limit to how much damage it will do.

Side Dish

Active Skill: Recover 5 turns bind. Shuffle orbs.

I think this is a great skill and him being 2 color, unbindable, 3 team health awoken makes him a great fill in for most teams as a support type sub. An orb shuffle may not always give you a perfect board, it may also give you a 20 combo skyfall if you’re lucky. Plus orb shuffling ignores things like orb locks if you end up with something like Demonius that does a bomb orb change + orb lock, an orb shuffle will get rid of something like that. The fact that he will give +15% HP to the team is something to consider if you want to math out if you can survive giant attacks for your team. The 9 turn cooldown doesn’t hurt either, if you want another skill it’s not so bad to inherit over.


I still like combo skills, this is no different. Most of time you’re not worried about being bound since most leaders are already unbindable or you can run the unbindable badge, subs can usually bind clear. However, more options is always good when theory crafting. I don’t have any immediate suggestions for this one, but I would hold on to it just to see what uses we may see.


Maybe try with Takimusubi, Raphael, or Awoken Durga.



Main Dish



Leader Skill: Reduce damage taken at >50% HP, ATK x3. Connect 5 with at least one enhanced orb ATK x4.

Holy crap. His leader skill is similar to Edward’s from FMA, except you’re just doing a sparkle board match. Look for things like Yomidra, Eschamali, and other Dark OE focused subs to maximize damage. Check a quick start list here.

He’s got the new TE, the double SB, and FUA, literally covers most of the needed things for a team on his own. His stats are very nice too with no glaring weakness. A very strong lead and a very good pull. I would highly recommend him as a leader.

Side Dish

Active Skill: Left to Dark, Right to Heal. For 4 turns slightly increase dark skyfall.

Our first Awoken Archangel Lucifer sub, he should only be used as a sub for Archangel Lucifer because Archangel Lucifer is the best (note: this is my biased opinion and not to be taken seriously) On a slightly more serious note, anything that likes cross hearts or cross dark like Gremory and Aizen wouldn’t mind having this powerhouse of a sub on their team.


If you’re looking for an FUA active on a dark team, the inherit could be really nice. But he’s really strong with his stats and awokens and everything you’re better off just leading him or subbing him where you think you really need him.


Any sparkleboard leader, Yomidra, Tsukuyomi, etc.

Male Hunter X Brachy Equip


Main Dish



Leader Skill: ATK/RCV x3 if all subs are from Monster Hunter Collab. Light 2 combo ATK x3.

When I first saw the awokens I was excited for another blue hunter type lead. Unfortunately the Leader skill from this makes it much less flexible, and you’re not getting the flat out bonuses for just being in co op. You need to have nothing but collab monsters to even get the bonuses, and then you have to do 2 light combos. I think for me at least this screams I’m going to want maybe 1 kirin just to make sure I’ll always be able to have the 2 light combos available on demand.  It’s just too restrictive of a leader skill to consider him as a leader.

Side Dish

Active Skill: Deals 20x ATK damage to single target, heals 50% damage dealt. For 1 turn, reduce damage taken.

Heal, shield, and some damage. This is nice. I don’t expect the damage to do much but it should be enough to push you over any HP thresholds you need to meet. I think he’ll be a really nice sub to have on Yog teams for dealing with preempts or bringing your health back up. It’s much better if you’re co oping Yog since Yog already has co op boost, this just makes it better. It’s not entirely bad for any Zeus Verse teams either.


I think it’s a very flexible active skill to have. Look for anything that has a HP requirement and you can consider bringing it along if you have lots of board change already and the dungeon you are fighting has a lot of nasty preempts to take you out of your threshold.


You need only MH collab, and light color focus, there’s really no good off pairing I can think of.

Female Hunter x Bario Equip


Main Dish



Leader Skill: Attacking with 4 colors (3+heart) increase ATK, up to 4x. HP x1.5, ATK x3 when coop.

Here we go! Here’s the other variation multiplayer lead I was looking for. So the light drawback is that you’re not going to have an RCV boost, the bonus is that you’re going to have a much easier multiplier to hit, but you’re also going to need some color coverage subs. I think what would really make this shine is if you’re got one person going in with a 7×6 board and a Ri inherit over this to do a 7×6 co op.

Look for board changers that can help you cover colors, Rag Dra and Dkali are nice examples for color coverage, you can always look to focus damage with 7c subs like Uranus and Cronus, a larger list of 7c filtered subs can be seen here here

Please note that the list above is only for 7c awokens, some of the active skills may actually mess up your board, make sure you’re always running an active with at least 4 colors.

Side Dish

Active Skill: Heals 30% HP. Delay 1 turn.

Much like the Male hunter equip of this run around you’re looking to use this on mostly threshold HP needed leaders. The popular ones now are Zeus Verse, Yog, Kami Musubi. However, she doesn’t match any of those colors, so it may be awkward to place her directly as a sub there. Plus her Leader skill is just so good.


As mentioned before, she’s a great inherit for any HP requirement teams.


If you really want to, feel free to Pair with blue hunter for some extra RCV boost.

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  1. So, would you say this 10 stone collab is close to Dragonbound in worthiness? Because pretty much all the 5 star KOF collab units sucked. Want to see if the 10 stones are worth it.

    1. I think this one has a higher payoff than KoF with some really defining meta leaders and subs like Diablos and Amatsu still being used. Add in some of the newer ones like Zingore as well as getting more pulls so you have options to equipment evo wouldn’t be bad either.

  2. You got Barioth Assist awakenings wrong. The hearts are straight RCV awakening, so 200 for each. That leads to a 400 RCV, 100 ATK off-color inherit and 488 HP, 281 ATK, 490 RCV on-color inherit.
    That plus the nice active skill and you’ve got yourself one the best assist evo of the collab just for that crazy stats stick.

    1. You’re absolutely right, thanks. I think it is 200 RCV per awakening, I double checked it on Skyzora. The HP is 500 HP I think.

  3. I’m getting a lot of 5* dupes, but the fact they can become solid enough assists make it bearable. Just wish Bachyidious didn’t have the jammers included with his skill, but I’m thinking just don’t skill up the one I use as an assist and throw him on top of Yuna for my Yuna team.

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