New Year REM Review!

New Year REM Review!

Happy Lunar New Year!

It’s the New Year REM, that means it’s Lunar New Year! As some of you may already know, quite a few East Asian countries celebrate a new year on the Lunar Calendar. With this, we have a new series of collab monsters to take a look at! As a note- as PDX is a bit behind, so some links will be going to skyozora.

Here is Skyozora’s full list

NY Amaterasu




Oh lord she is bland, bland like badly made Namasu.

Main Course



Super Awokens:



She’s got great RCV, that’s the big draw here. and her being an unbindable bind clear and double SBR makes her a really strong utility card to have whether you are running her as a lead or a sub. The devil killer is handy to have but I wouldn’t really worry about her doing much damage as her attack stat is a paltry 1k.

Your super awoken choices are pretty bad too, you can do a cloud block, guard pierce, or team recovery. I’d probably aim for guard pierce or team recovery boost over cloud block. Honestly I wouldn’t even make a super awoken on her.

Her leader skill gives x9 ATK for all healer types at full and x3 ATK when not, she has a 10x rcv heal on orb elimination. So this makes her just a weaker version of Reincarnated Amaterasu. It’s nothing super exciting to lead with to be honest and most of the time, you probably aren’t running any Odin/Ama teams or Zombie teams. If you really want a healer farming team, knock yourself out, you could also probably double lead her for lots of shits and giggles.

Side Dish

Recover 40% of max HP. Bind recovery for 4 turns. Reduces cooldown of other skills by 1 turn. Max 8 turns.

Her active is one of the reasons you’d might want to consider bringing her along. It’s a very fast, very powerful heal that doesn’t care about your rcv, it can help with many hp type teams especially Yog , and she’s on color too. You can also think about bringing her in for something like Tachibana as she isn’t unbindable or something like Valphalk as she’ll fill in colors and provide a heal on a team that can’t really heal.


Great inherit ability for those who need a bind clear or heal, It’s great for something like Spam musubi to haste out other cards and still maintain the heal effect.

Wine Pairings

Usually if you are leading Amaterasu you’re going for an Ama/Odin type build or a zombie build. I wouldn’t recommend leading her in any serious manner unless you’re specifically doing it for a dungeon.

NY Tsukuyomi





The most beautiful card in this set in my opinion, just like Kamaboko, so beautiful and delicious! Let’s dig in!

Main Dish



Super Awokens



Great overall stats, and Balance type so we can take on any kille. The 7c awoken will also help because it is being synergized well with the TE awokens.

Her super awoken choices are nice too. So you’re going to have to make a fairly serious choice here, She’s not unbindable herself, so you can choose to take the unbindable super awoken, or you can take the L shape unlock boost to deal with some orb locks and do more damage. I think these 2 largely over shadow the board bind resist.

Matched attribute ATK x4 when matching exactly 5 connected orbs with at least 1 enhanced orb. All attribute cards ATK x2.5, 25% all damage reduction when reaching 6 combos.

It’s a three part leader skill:

  • Attack bonus increase for a Sparkle Board
  • Attack bonus when hitting 6 combos or higher
  • Shield when hitting 6 combos or higher

So you’re looking to do a 5 match with one OE and then combo your mind out. This is a really strong leader skill, you not only get damage control, but you also get a shield with damage control if you choose to do so. This is really good for stalling or dealing with damage voids and absorbs. Since you are looking for 6 combo or higher, and an OE, you’ll probably want to look for something like Tachibana, Cotton, for board changes, Saria is also a good choice for an FUA and 7c board changer since most people don’t have Cotton. Yuna is a great utility as is Diao Chan.

Side Dish

Enhance all orbs, +5 seconds move time for 3 turns. Max 8 turns.

If you have any high combo count leaders that need all attributes filled or just need some more time making combos, then this is a good sub, so Anubis and Kushinada all attribute teams would like to have her along. She can also fit well in something like Tachibana’s team as long as you have the other colors covered.


Not super good inherit to be honest. It’s rather weak as a damage buff, as is really useful for setting off a sparkleboard.

Wine Pairings

I think you can try pairing her with Light Hera dragon to make some fireworks go!

NY Kanna





A Classic snack like Tazukuri. Some might be happy for the roll, others might not, we’ll talk about why:

Main Dish



Much like her normal REM version she is very TPA based. If you already have her, she’s not super exciting to have even though her stats are a little better and still very well balanced, she’s just not as popular as she used to be when Ra Dragon was the most popular lead.

Super Awokens


Take FUA if you don’t have a good light FUA sub like Momiji. Otherwise TPA, the 80% HP is only situational and TPA is always available provided you can match it.

Leader Skill: Dragon & God type cards ATK x4, RCV x1.5. ATK x2, reduce damage taken by 50% after matching Heal orbs in a cross formation.

So she’s kind of like Myr in that you want light and hearts and you are playing cross hearts as well. She doesn’t have the training wheels time extend like Myr does, but she can put out a ton more damage especially if you focus on TPA. I’d look for the Dragon/God types with TPA that are also light main attribute, you can see a quick filter list here

I think she’s pretty strong and can get you through plenty of content, but the difficulty will be finding others who want to lead her.

Side Dish

She buffs Dragon and God types, just like normal Kanna, so you’d use her where you would use a strong burst. Most commonly used on Ra Dragon teams.


She’s kind of like salt and pepper in terms of inherit ability, the burst is good, but also type restricted. It’s even weaker now unfortunately now that we have the jewel princess series.

Wine Pairings

Myr would probably be something I would suggest as an off pairing for people learning to make heart cross and combo, maybe a good training wheel step to improve your board solve skills.

NY Spam Musubi




Oh sweet sweet spam musubi for the new year. I think with recent additions like KoF’s Mai and Xmas Ilmina, Gungho is just on a light/fire roll, so let’s roll this delicious datemaki up and take a bite!

Main Dish



FUA2 and rows being her key offensive powers here. She’s unbindable which is a great bonus as always, along with the usual awokens. Stat wise she’s very well balanced, nothing is a glaring weak point.

So if you’ve read up on Spam Musubi, everything is just about the same for her except is’s a color swap, instead of dark/wood, you’re looking for the counters, light/fire. This opens up lots of possibilities like Saria, Ilm, Gadius, Hestia, and Leilan. Some other subs that you can consider would be Tsubaki or Vaan. She carries her own FUA in awokens and a great leader skill. While most of her own damage boost is going to be red focused due to the rows, you don’t necessarily have to go a full red row team, but you can. Honestly you can probably stack up a full team of board changers and do just fine with her.

Side Dish

Light/Fire is a good sub color to have covered for all attribute dungeons, she’s even a useable sub on Yog due to the fact that her active also heals, draw back being she doesn’t give you many light orbs and may even take away some depending on your board state. However, I think that she’s much stronger as a leader than as a sub and would probably lead her more often than use her in a sub slot.


Her active as an inherit feels too specific. It heals which is great for HP conditional leads, but even then you can get stronger heals out of Ama or even Ceres. If you need hearts, you’re better off just throwing on a full board change an option than getting just a row out of it.

Wine Pairings

I feel like for the past few cards there’s always that 1 card that just gets paired with the usual light/fire combos of Mai/Xmas Ilmina/REvo Leilan, etc. This is another one of them.

NY Yamato Takeru




I suppose some would say this is the husbando card of the series. There’s a little sweetness to rolling this guy like having kuromame.

Main Dish



Super awokens:



He’s got some good awokens, the multiplayer bonus on top of the dragon killer makes him pretty useful in multiple occasions. He also has access to super awokens: Bind resist, FUA2, or dragon killer. This makes his selection even more useful as you can take him into dragon rush type challenges, or use him if you need an FUA. His stats are fairly distrubuted, but bad when compared to other 7* which will be his greatest drawback.

Leader Skill: ATK x2 when simultaneously clearing 4 connected Fire or Light orbs. ATK x0.5 for each additional orb, up to ATK x4 at 8 connected orb

Well um, honestly it’s kind of weaksauce, it’s not going to pull out relevant damage as you get closer to mid/late game, and there’s no survivability here in terms of increasing RCV or HP, so once you hit a hard wall on something you can’t kill with a bunch of red orbs, you’re probably going to die. He’s really weak as a leader, would not recommend.

Side Dish

So here’s where he’s much better, as stated before, he’s got a few things going for him:

  • Multiplayer boost
  • Possible double dragon killer
  • Bind clear
  • Double orb change

So you can make him into a more utility sub if you need, taking his unbindable superawoken as he’ll make hearts and you can use him to bind clear, or you can use him as a dragon killing sub by stacking his double dragon killers. It’s really nice to have the flexibility to choose how you want him to be. He’ll find an easy spot at home with something like Xmas Gremory or other red leads.


Pretty much along with his role as a sub, if you’ve already got your red team setup, you can easily use him as a fake SDR or even just another heart/red orb maker.


NY Horus

Chikuzenni it is! Fire Chicken unfortunately is still, well, as useful as he has been? I guess it’s just a pretty bird at this point.

Main Dish


I mean, he has alot of OE, so I guess that’s good? The big draw here is probably the MP boost, but I can’t really see anywhere you’d really need him? His stats are at least well distributed, albiet low by current standards. The extra Skill Boost is also nice but by merits of 2SB alone it’s not really meta breaking.

Super awoken options:



I’d probably go SB2 over 7c or bind resist, if you ever needed a SB sub this gives him 4 SBs in for farming


which is pretty good, plus his skill cooldown is low enough that you can inherit something over him.

Leader Skill: All attribute cards ATK x4 when attacking with 4 of following orb types: Fire, Water, Wood, Light & Dark. ATK x0.5 for each additional orb type, up to ATK x4.5 for all 5 matches. Matched attribute ATK x2.5 when matching exactly 5 connected orbs with at least 1 enhanced orb.

So, you’re playing rainbow match with sparkle board, but with not super exciting multiplier numbers and no other buffs, compared to NY Yomi above, it’s very lackluster, and compared to other rainbow leads like Ra Dragon, it’s even weaker. Not worth as a leader.

Side Dish

I really only see a very limited use of this card as a sub, for any team, if any at all. The only reason you’d bring him along i’d say is as a sub in a multiplayer mode for the skill boosts if you really need it.


There are sometimes where you just don’t get the right orb drops for sparkleboards, or if you need to setup a sparkle board properly. If you are using using Yomi’s skill for the enhance, and not the time extend, his might be a consideration because his enhance rider is a skill haste, which I think is a little stronger than orb move time.


NY Khepri





It’s a color swap! Just like cucumber wrapped sushi, it’s just sushi, but with a different wrapping!

Main Dish


Well, those are some nice awokens, she’s a full on support style sub. Unbindable with lots of fingers and team buffs, with SBR to boot. She’s got some really good stats, Above average HP and ATK, some good RCV as well. A big draw for using her is that she does have lots of team support with her double team HP awoken and 3 fingers for comboing.

So her play style is similar to that of Awoken Raphael. You don’t have skyfalls, you have to at least match 4 colors and leave as few orbs on the board as possible. In her case it’s 7 or less, which is more forgiving than Raphael’s. Since you are needing to match 4 colors you need to find other subs to have enough colors to cover the baseline requirements. You can’t rely on skyfall so I’d probably search for some light/x subs that have some utility, but not so much as orb changing as it could really screw your board since most of the 2 color orb changers will cause you to lose one color you might need. Ultimately, most boards should have enough to 4 color match, you just need to be able to combo off the board to get the other half of the leader skill to trigger.

Here’s a list of all the light/x subs that you might want to look at for thinking about filling out her sublist.

Side Dish

Oh man, she’s a great sub with her awoken set and her active, which is just like Khrepi to help with combo shields. Not only does she do that, the team hp buff and TE awokens will help in almost any situation, plus she’s 2 colored, so she can cover for any color requirements for all attributes or other leaders that might need it.


A combo shield assist! if you are running any combo lead and have some challenges hitting the cap limit, especially if you are not running with Diablos, you can inherit her onto anything you have on the team to help hit the cap. For cross teams like Rushana, Aizen, etc. You can use her inherit combo count increase to break combo shields.

Wine Pairings

As I mentioned earlier, Awoken Raphael is a similar playstyle, I think one of the only other ones that deals damage based on the number of robs remaining, you could try it out with a Raphael pairing to see if that playstyle suits you.

NY Leilan





I remember some people chasing her for her cute art, as cute as she is, rolling her would leave a slightly sour taste in my mouth, much like Yuzu Sorbet.

Main Dish



Ah where to start, Her stats are average, her awakenings are honestly sub par, and overall it’s just not a very strong card anymore.

Leader Skill:  All attribute cards ATK x3.5 when attacking with 3 of following orb types: Fire, Wood, Light & Heart. Matched attribute ATK x2 when matching exactly 5 connected orbs with at least 1 enhanced orb.

An outdated ATK multiplier for the amount of work you need to put in. Compared to Revo Leilan, NY Leilan is just completely outclassed

Side Dish

If you need a Leilan type sub or want to run 2 in a no dupe dungeon she is a good sub to use for those purposes like on a Revo Leilan or Red Athena team she could be handy. On a side note if you are playing Red Athena and have a Silk to go on top of it, She’s not a bad choice for the burst.


She’s  pretty good board change if you are running things in her colors, either for color matching of which light/fire seem to be running very popular these days with Mai and Xmas Ilmina, or just a more green focused combo team as some examples.


NY Ame no Uzume





Oh man, she’s just like a Salmon Konbu roll. At first you’re like Oh, just another Ame no Uzume, then you realize she’s absolutely delicious.

Main Dish



Double Multiplayer boost! Just like Xmas Solais! This makes her stats 2.25x higher than it actually is if you multiplay with her, which you should be doing anyways. Even though her stats are only average at a glance, basically doubling them makes it that much stronger!

Leader Skill: 1.5x HP and ATK for God and Balanced type, 5x ATK for LIght Att. When HP is 80% or more.

I think she’s a superb fast farming lead. It’s not really strong for end game content as it could lack some kick and staying power, but for the purposes of fast and mindless farming, or even doing early/mid game content she’s really good. For subs basically all you want are God or Balanced LIght types, preferrably with healing capabilities like Amaterasu, or here’s a longer list of all the Light God/Balanced types for you to peruse.

Side Dish

Her active skill very good, first off it’s a bind and awoken bind clear, secondly, it’s a true damage laser that goes off 5 times for 500k total damage. So she can pull double duty, one if you need a true damage laser for pesky high armor things, or if you’re just annoyed with Sopdet in arena and want some insurance once you get Sopdet low you can kill instead of having skyfall kill you.

Here’s where she gets fun, some quick napkin math, she has about 1600 ATK, with 2.25x you’re looking at 3600 attack, if you inherit something like Grimjow you’re looking at something like 900k damage just for a laser. For many people who like to theorycraft out fast farm button teams, she can do quite a bit for the floors that you need to button through with a laser inherit. So anything like Vitra, Lu Bu, AA Luci can all work for her.


As I said before, her active is a twofer. You can use her either to remove awoken binds and binds if you don’t have something like a Green Odin, or if you need a laser to get through a high defense floor.

Wine Pairings

Honestly I’d give her a try with Yog since they are both HP reliant and light focused, you can also consider using her with Light Hera Dragon.

NY Hanzo




Looks pretty, but tastes pretty bland I’d say, probably something like pickled chrysanthemum turnips.

Main Dish



TPA and a Light Row, so not really focused on a specific type of playstyle, but he’s got a dragon killer. His attack and RCV are both strong, his weakest point is his health as it’s just over 2k, so be careful if you’re looking to use him.

Leader Skill: Attacker Type HPx1.5, ATKx2

Wow this is so outdated, it’s just bad now.

Side Dish

Off color orb changer, fast but with the rise of fire/light combo leads this doesn’t seem like a good choice to be taking fire away to make light. Maybe there’s some use in no awoken dungeons if you’re running a light focused team since 5 turn cooldowns are really useful in those cases where your skills don’t start off ready to go, these will come up the fastest.


It’s too short and too weak to really use as a fake SDR, and most other possible inherits like double orb changers such as Wukong, DQXQ, Apollo have either way more utility to give you heart orbs or give you even more light orbs.

NY Mitsuki




A double heart maker to warm you up with love, just like some family’s Ozoni

Main Dish



Well this is interesting, a machine killer on a very defensively oriented sub, 2 auto heals and a bind recover. Stats are weak all around except for RCV, which is what will be her role on a team for the most part.

Leader Skill: Healer type cards HP x2.5. ATK x3 when simultaneously clearing 6 connected Heart orbs.

Heart focused leader, you’re better off just using Gadius who is stronger and has a similar playstyle.

Side Dish

So If you want to use her as a sub you’re probably looking for a heal type that will do with bind clears or auto heal, in either case, she’s just really too weak and would easily be outclassed by something like Uriel or Yamato Takeru. The machine killer she has is just way too situational to be really considered as a real sub. Might be useful in something silly like a no awoken, no rcv dungeon.


If you want lots of hearts, here’s a go to. Some teams like Gadius wouldn’t mind having the hearts, but be wary of flooding your board.

NY Spica




This is actually a pretty sweet pull like matcha zenzai. We’ll talk about it below.

Main Dish



Pretty well distributed and above average stats. Her awokens are really fitting for her since she’s a sparkleboard type unit. Double SBR also makes this a pretty good unit to have.

Leader Skill: God & Machine type cards ATK x1.3, RCV x1.3. Matched attribute ATK x5 when matching exactly 5 connected orbs with at least 1 enhanced orb.

Outdated Leaderskill is outdated.

Side Dish

The sweet part of her is really her active, especially with the rise of Rushana. She’s really a good sub for Rushana because she gives exactly 5 light and 5 green, which you can use to make 2 crosses. OE is the only way to boost Cross type damage since rows and TPA do not apply. Odin Dragon in attack form is also a good choice to use for her.


The double column change is great for any cross type leaders that use light, wood, or both crosses, or even sparkle board matches like Light Hera Dragon.

NY Tengu





Oh sweet sweet Tengu just like some Zenzai. Most of you already know his farmable form, He is largely the same.

Main Dish



Exact same Awokens as his farmable form, he’s got okay stats for health, better than his awoken form by just a little, the ATK is the same, and RCV is also the same.

Situational Zombie lead, the good thing is his Leader skill gives a little bit more of a boost for ATK than the farmable form. Otherwise not a commonly used lead.

Side Dish

You’d use this sub anywhere you’d want a skill boost, just like Tengu. There may be some places where you’d need two skill boost subs and can’t use dupes, so using this and a normal tengu would be useful.


NY Jeanne D’arc





Honestly this one is so bad that it’s just not even worth referencing any decent dish, just toss it.

Main Dish



The awokens are really good if you just want to auto heal, I suppose. The stats are actually pretty okay with nothing glaring as a weakness.

Leader Skill: 1.5x ATK and RCV for Dragon and Attackers, 2.5x ATK when 6+ Combos.

I guess if you really wanted to you can lead this with some dragons and practice in endless? That’s really a stretch though, there are way better combo leaders than this one to really bother using it.

Side Dish 

If you are really really struggling in a no rcv dungeon, maybe this one? But something like Uevo Uriel would be better if you needed an auto healer, plus the heart making.

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    1. Thank you! I was debating if I should post these on the day of announce or the day when you can actually roll. I think it’s better to just try to get them out when they are announced to get people ready for it.

  1. I wouldn’t recommend subbing NY Yomi into a Reincarnated Kushinada team, as she misses out on the healer-typing clause of the leader skill.

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