Feb 22 New Awoken/Revo Review

Feb 22 New Awoken/Revo Review

Hello everyone,

Here’s some of the new REvo’s that got released!

Posted by Puzzle & Dragons (North America) – GungHo on Thursday, February 22, 2018

Reincarnated Cao Cao




Oh man, his artwork is S-tier, like some spicy hot chocolate hot. There was a time some people discussed using Surtr and Cao Cao as a lead very much like Liu Bei with Dios, but Liu Bei won that battle.

 Main Course 



He got a TE+ awoken, which can help a little more if he’s a sub than a lead, his leader skill is really row focused and shouldn’t require much time to match your board. But as a sub he can see some extra use with combo type leads like Krishna.

He can be limit broken, so if you are finding lots of uses for him this is something to consider.

He has really high HP for a fire sub as they are normally just high on attack, as a matter of fact both his ATK and HP stats are astronomical, he is very weak in the RCV department.

Leader Skill- 3x ATK & 25% reduced damage when clearing 6+ connected fire orbs; 2.5x ATK & RCV for Fire Att on a turn a skill is used

His leader skill actually changes- instead of just increasing damage for every orb above 6, he actually gets a shield. His leader skill may actually make something like Ronia pretty desirable as a board change. The good thing is you only need to do 1 row to get the shield, which allows for some flexibility in damage when you come up across combo shield bosses. Consider subs that can make up for the lack of his RCV and help heal if needed such as Hestia and Urd, both of which can also pull off an FUA. Keep in mind building a row focus team with a column FUA is always somewhat of a riskier calculation as you might not e able to do enough damage to KO the boss and end up in the execute.

Some other great subs to consider would be Yamato Takeru and even Uriel for his healing power.

Side Dish 

As a sub his role hasn’t changed much, if you need fire orbs and a delay, he’s a solid go to for many red teams. You can keep running him on teams you are already using him on. So popular red row teams for farming like Goemon, Genryusai, or even those who have purchased Red Myr, rolled Red Grem could find good uses for his skill as he removes silly poison orbs and gives you an orb change.


He’s a really good choice for an inherit if your team is red focused. There aren’t that many delays to choose from and some of them like Zeta hydra have a really long cooldown. I think at some point many players don’t consider delay options as a choice when theorycrafting out a team because almost all end game bosses have a preemptive shield, but some floors don’t have a shield and I really think this is where he can be of extra use.

Wine pairings

Anything that likes red rows, so things like Shiva Dragon and Genryusai would be great for fast farming, otherwise you’ll maybe want to consider something to increase RCV like Freyr.

Reincarnated Umisachi Yamasachi




Fisherman brothers’ Fish Sauce just got more potent than the Sriracha factory, but that’s just the smell and not the flavor.

Main Dish



The brothers really good stats, well above average in all the categories. However, the still remain as a glass cannon only lead.

Leader Skill: 4x ATK when Water, Wood, Light, & Dark attack at once. 4x ATK when 2 water combos, 8x when 4+ Combos.

Some advantages it has for leading:

  • Decent damage control, can choose to either just match 4 for 4x or you can combo harder to build up the damage.
  • Active skill helps trigger its leader skill
  • Covers 2 colors needed for his activation

Something like Ragnarok Dragon will work well as a sub since it covers the other 2 colors needed. You can also look at something like Famiel for board change. You’ll want to try to fill out the rest with something that has some utility, Julie wouldn’t be a bad idea for a shield and Awoken Isis (Revo loses the green color coverage, so be mindful of that)

Side Dish

Anything that’s TPA focused for Blue leads, consider something like Sarasvati or if you’re running Kiri that’s not cheesing something it’s entirely workable, but you’ll need lots of blue orbs to satisfy both the Leader skill of Kiri and the TPA bonus.


Not a bad orb change for many leads, removes hazards, may not give lots of any one orb, but will give enough if you need dark, wood, or water orbs.

Wine pairings

Ugh, it’s honestly pretty hard to suggest something that would make it more functional than current meta leads. Try Awoken Tethys or Reincarnated Sun Quan for a different challenge.


Awoken Mori





All I can think about when I see his face is that he’s a very Tsundere dish.

Main Dish



He’s got a very solid lineup for Awokens, especially if you like playing blue rows like Meridionalis. Sadly his stats are average for the most part if not below average.

Leader Skill: 2.5x ATK & 25% reduced damage when erasing 6+ connected Water orbs; 4x ATK for Water Att. on the turn a skill is used.

His ATK multiplier as a leader may seem low but you’ll notice that with his play style that requires you to use 6+ connected orbs. So I think it’s not a bad idea to use him against very short dungeons if you have lots of orb changers that have blue rows.

Blue Row Subs.

Side Dish

Active Skill: Changes All Orbs to Fire and Water, Reduce damage by 50% for 2 turns.

If you’re running any blue focus team with combos or rows you can consider him. Blue Hunter being one of the more popular co-op leads really works well with Mori as a sub, or if you’re running Meridionalis like I mentioned above. He’s got two key advantages for being a consideration for these teams.

  • Double SBR
  • Board Change with 2 turn Shield


His active is a 15 turn CD, in co op that’s not too bad, might be just long enough to fend off pesky Skill Delay attacks but also useful enough to use if you need that two color board change.

Wine Pairing

Definitely look to something Meridionalis as I mentioned above.


Awoken Ishida Mitsunari





Is he supposed to be some exotic Fox or something with those ears?

Main Dish



Leader Skill: 2.5x ATK & 25% reduced damage when erasing 6+ connected Wood orbs; 4x ATK for Wood Att. on the turn a skill is used.

Did you ever wish you had ALB and didn’t start with Brachy? Well, here’s another option for you to start your swipe-mania! Very similar to Motonari in the pantheon, his leader skill is just a color swap. However, his HP is really low so don’t expect him to tank anything near as much as Motonari can, but, why do you need to tank hits if you’re just gonna swipe every floor?

Side Dish

Active Skill: Changes all orbs to Wood, Dark & Heal orbs; Reduce Damage received by 50% for 2 turns.

There’s only one true spot for him, Awoken AA Luci.

Okay but in all seriousness, Dark/Wood/Heart board change is very rare, one of your other options to get that specific board change is Halloween Verdandi. I suspect part of the reason is that Anubis and Diablos are very popular and focusing on wood/dark and heal would just make those boards too strong for the current meta. That being said, usual rules apply for this guy, very strong active that also comes with a shield.


As I mentioned above, with his board change it works wonders with current Diablos type meta teams, feel free to use it as an inherit over anything you need a board change on.

Wine Pairing





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