Full Metal Alchemist Collab Review

Full Metal Alchemist Collab Review

Full Metal Alchemist Arrives!

Equal Exchange! Calories in = Calories out! Healthy cooking with beansprouts on today’s review of Full Metal Alchemist!


  • There’s really only Ed worth chasing
  • New players unless you’re chasing Ed, don’t really bother.
  • Big Brother Ed, play with us.

Chef’s Preferences

  • Ed.
  • Al.
  • Everything Else.

Edward Elric, Beansprout

Main Dish

Leader Skill: 3x ATK, 35% reduced damage when HP is 50% or more, 2x ATK when 4 Combos, 4x when 6+ Combos.

HP@Lv 99:3788

ATK@Lv 99:2138

RCV@Lv 99: 293

This healthy beansprout dish comes with a healthy dose of amazing awoken skills on top of the already ridiculously strong Leader skill. Leading double Ed is already over a 50% shield while your HP is over 50%. Combine that with the fact that he’s unbindable, has 2 7c awokens, SBR, as well as 2 TE to help you trigger the combos you need, he is really one of the top leads at this time.

Let’s also mention the skill haste awoken, which makes his active skill cooldown much more manageable. His stats are really well balanced with his attack being among the highest of 6*. Factor in the 7c awokens and he will be doing amazing amounts of damage with a really strong amount of survivability. You will want to have more 7c and enough colors to cover the rainbow. Personally I always prefer something like Yomi to give me more time, then you can throw in Enra for the extra 7c, even using Cronus or Uranus will help you cover extra colors while providing more 7c damage.

Side Dish

Active Skill: Heal, Jammer, and Poison to light orbs, recover all HP, 3x Attack for light. Max 20 turn.

An amazing 3 part active. First, it gives you more light orbs to combo, second it heals your team completely, which means you can go back to enjoying your damage reduction, and lastly, it gives a x3 spike. I guess the only reason you’d have him as a sub is if you’re speed farming through stuff with Yog and really just want to swipe because you really should be leading him.


At this point I would be so angry if you are using this beansprout dish as a spice only. This should be the highlight, did you know that beansprouts are the next Kale? First you want to put Beansprouts on beansprouts, then if you have more beansprouts you can consider adding it to your other ingredients. Dupe inherit him.

Wine pairing

Beansprouts is best with more Beansprouts.

Alfonse Elric- I’m in alchemist training/I’m on a diet

Main Dish

Leader Skill: 4x ATK for Light ATT; 3x ATK & RCV when 4+ colors attack at once.

HP@Lv 99:5243

ATK@Lv 99:1885

RCV@Lv 99: 13

When you’re in intense training you can’t eat as much. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be powerful. Having SBR and FUA makes him a great card to lead with with addition to his high multiplier and his RCV Boost. This means you don’t have to worry about finding specific subs to cover your bases. That being said, you’re really restricted as you’re looking for light main types that can help you get at least 4 colors at once. Since Alfonse covers green, you’ll probably want to look for red/blue/dark subs element units with light element as main, along with the capability to help you achieve at least 7 combos with more light combos as your focus. So units like Tachibana and Light Ideal will be handy for the board change, while Indra or Kirin are other great subs to consider to round out your team’s versatility.

While he does have a significant amount of HP and ATK, fighting on an empty stomach makes it hard to sustain a long fight on your own. He has 13 RCV. Which basically means to have any real chance of success at longer dungeons you really need to hit the heart orbs when you combo to keep his health up.

Side Dish

Active Skill: Reduce damage received by 50% for 1 turn. Changes all orbs to 5 colors and heal orbs. Max 10 Turns

2 Part active, slightly stronger than a basic Dkali board since it provides a 50% shield as well. As a sub, Alfonse is great to bring in for many combo or rainbow combo teams. For more mono focused combo teams, some might argue that it’s not quite as good as a 2 color board, but a the same time you are lowering the risk of having a bad board where you can’t get your combos. Add into the fact that you can use his skill before running into something with a high preemptive attack as well as his FUA, he can easily find a home in the current popular Diablos style teams.


If you really need a shield + Board change that isn’t in his colors I guess that’s fine. I think his active is a very useful, but really would rather just bring him in straight on unless you have a particular reason to not bring him in and opt for an inherit.

Wine pairing

Look for other color combo leads, Tachibana is something I’d look into given the 7×6 board and the requirement for matching 4 colors anyways.

Roy Mustang- Blind Taste Test

Main Dish

Leader Skill: 3x ATK & RCV when 2+ Fire Combos; 4x ATK for matched att when erasing 5 orbs with 1+ enhanced

HP@Lv 99: 2835

ATK@Lv 99: 2523

RCV@Lv 99: 348

His awakens are a little weaker than one would hope to have for a 6* roll out of this machine. Having the triple blind resist takes away from other useful awokens. Sparkleboard gives the option to have Elgunebi as a sub. You can use Dantalion for some extra haste too. With super Awokens coming in, Sparkle and L-unlock can play well into each other which gives Roy the option to utilize something like No.6 for God killers or Enra as well since you can still combo 7 on an L board. You’re going to need lots of fire orbs to fuel Roy, also just hope it doesn’t rain.

He is however, very weak when it comes ot hit points. His raw attack stat is nearly as high as his health, and his leader skill does not help. Rathalos equip is pretty useful for him to get some extra health as well as a still useable active. Enra has a great HP pool as I mentioned above and I would highly recommend it on this team to address the low hp Roy has.

Side Dish

Active Skill: Change Wood and Dark orbs to Fire, Fire orbs enhanced. Other allies’ skilled charge by 1 turn. Max 11 Turns

A double orb change, enhance, and haste. This will almost always ensure you can pull off at least 2 combos with a sparkleboard. The cooldown is fairly low as well being at 11 turns. If you’re running other units with haste it shouldn’t be too hard to at least always have something ready for any challenges you’re going to face. If you are leading Enra, Shiva, or Krishna, you can definitely consider him. He’s also useful for dungeons that may have blind hazards.


This blind taste test as a spice is useful if you need fire orbs. It will function similarly to Ares in terms of providing orbs, but no extra skyfall. I would suggest it for shorter dungeons to get skills up quicker if you can’t afford to stall, otherwise Ares’ active is better for slightly longer dungeons as it provides the orbs you need.

Wine Pairing

Enra is probably the easier to find pairing right now. You can still find Shiva and Krishna leads I’m sure.

King Bradley- Human meat Substitute

Main Dish

Leader Skill: 7×6 Board, 1.5x HP & ATK for Dark Att. 2x ATK when 2 dark combos, up to 5x when 5+ Combos

HP@Lv 99:4268

ATK@Lv 99:2350

RCV@Lv 99: 23

Guard Break, 7c, on top of the usual goodies like unbindability, SBR, extra TE and SBs. Overall he’s a fairly solid lead. However he has a weakness of not a very high base level multiplier, with a really hard to meet requirement. 5 dark combos is 15 orbs, which is a lot of orbs, even on a 7×6 board, and the top leader multiplier when doubled up is only going to be 56.25%, he only has one 7c so you’re going to have some problems hitting high damage numbers. Because he’s highly reliant on 7c to increase the damage, you’re restricted in his sub picking to more rare units like Dkali, Eschamali, Uranis, and Nohime to really hit a full team damage potential.

His extremely weak stat of RCV is worry some as his leader skill does not address this. You will probably have issues if you can’t quickly clear a dungeon with him.

Side Dish

Active Skill: 150k fixed damage to an enemy 5 times. Max 10 Turns

Fuck you Sopdet. That should be more than enough explanation for most people who have run into Sopdet. Unfortunately outside of killing Sopdet for fun in that manner, 150k is over most of the annoyance thresholds for other units like Dtron Tamadra in Floor 5 of Sea of Trees. This doesn’t automatically disqualify him as a sub for teams. He still has good awakenings, with some solid stats if you don’t need RCV.


In case it wasn’t clear enough the first time, fuck you Sopdet.

Wine Pairing

I think it’s going to be hard to find any particular wine pairing for him just for this leader. Just because his requirement is 5 dark combos.

Winry Rockbell- The Best Sous Chef

Main Dish

Leader Skill: 1.5x HP, 2x ATK for Healer & Machine Type; 2x ATK & 2x RCV on the turn a skill is used.

HP@Lv 99:2843

ATK@Lv 99:1058

RCV@Lv 99: 626

Double SB/TE and a guard break, it’s something. This is is really kind of a throwback to how old leaders were, but you have a few extra restrictions. You’re limited to 2 types, and you need a skill use to even get the full use out of her abilities. It’s unfortunate that neither Gunma nor Tardis are available as subs if you want to use her to quickly button match your way through things like tri-monster challenge mindlessly. Because of the color and typing limitation I can’t really suggest using her as a good main dish to serve. She’s really weak on the HP/ATK side but her design is really more of a healer unit that brings some unique advantages we’ll see next.

Side Dish

Active Skill: Recovers 30% of Max HP for 4 turns; reduces damage by 30% for 4 turns. Max 14 turns.

For HP dependent teams like Yog, or even more specifically, Ed, this skill is good. It could be better if the heal kicked in first. Damage for these teams are calculated at the time of your current HP, so if you started under threshold, you don’t get the bonus to attack that turn. Having an active that will maintain your health for 4 turns AND grant a shield for the same amount of time is a really strong skill for dungeons with preemptive attacks, which are usually a killer for these HP reliant teams.


I really like her skill as an inherit for many dungeons that have board type attacks like removing heart orbs, reduced healing attacks, or even no RCV dungeons. A combination of both a shield and heal based on your Max HP is really something to not be under estimated.

Wine Pairing

As I stated above, I wouldn’t suggest leading with her. But she really shines as a sub or an inherit

Risa Hawkeye- Precision measurements

Main Dish

Leader Skill: 2.5x ATK when 5 Combos, 3.5x When 7+ combos, 2x ATK for matched ATT. when erasing 5 orbs with 1 enhanced+.

HP@Lv 99:3238

ATK@Lv 99:1394

RCV@Lv 99: 307

So you need at least at minimum a sparkle, then straight up combo your heart out. I suppose it’s a good unit to lead to start with for practice if you have no other combo lead option and want to try it out. Compared to a similar leader skill of Tsukuyomi, Risa’s leader skill is significantly weaker, but comes with the advantage of a lower activation requirement. Her low damage cap, middling stats and lack of any hp or rcv bonuses to her leader skill makes her not a serious end game unit to lead with.

Her awokens are also rather awkward in terms of what one would look for in a lead. In general you might want to look for unbindability, some offensive fire power such as TPA/7c/etc. or some defensive capability like bind clear or utility like FUA. She has none.

Side Dish

Active Skill: Awoken Bind Recover for 3 turns. 40 fixed damage to an enemy 3 times. Max 7 turns

If you don’t have Odindra/Green Odin, she is an option for awoken bind recovery. This isn’t actual bind, it’s for disabling awoken skills only. Her 40 fixed damage is more useful than Bradley’s in the more annoying situation like the Dtron tama I mentioned or the ADK in Star Justice. But with middling stats, not very exciting awoken’s she’s really more suited for an inherit.


Much like what I mentioned above, she’s probably more suited here. You can bring her utility skill in when you need it and remove it later as it is a situational skill. This seems like it’s quite fitting considering her role in the series is providing support from an unseen position.

Maes Hughes- You have to have my wife’s cooking!

Main Dish

Leader Skill: 4x ATK for Balanced type; Extends time to move orbs by 2 Seconds

HP@Lv 99:3281

ATK@Lv 99:1270

RCV@Lv 99: 370

2 Rows and 3 SBR make him a pretty interesting lead. Your unit list will be restricted to balance types, as that’s the only one he buffs. The 2 second move time can come in handy for newer players. It’s possible to build around him for early game and maybe some mid game if you focus mostly on green balanced row units and just make rows. This particular sub pool is small so you can consider just having green balanced units. His stats are okay, for the most part but he’s really weak offensively with less than 1,500 ATK. This is not sustainable leader for end game and should not be considered.

Side Dish

Active Skill: Removes lock status on orbs; add 1 combo for 1 turn. Max 6 Turns.

I actually really like this active. Orb locks are becoming more and more common as a way to challenge players, especially when combined with other hazards or specifics. Some examples are having an orb lock before a Resolve, or having a bomb orb change before a lock. These will make your life more difficult and may cause a defeat in a dungeon. Having an extra combo count for any team is always good, but is even better with current meta teams that need a higher combo count to reach maximum damage. However, his awokens don’t really fit into the current meta teams. I will make a side note that with his SBR and Rows, he would make an excellent ALB sub.


Much like Risa, I believe his best usage is to deal with specific threats. If he had less specific offensive awokens he may have been more suited for a sub. But as it stands I think this is where he is most effective.

Armstrong- Presentation matters!

Main Dish

Leader Skill: 2x HP & ATK for Physical Type, 3x ATK for matched att. When erasing 5 orbs with 1+ enhanced.

HP@Lv 99:4020

ATK@Lv 99:1505

RCV@Lv 99: 5

Maybe if we had a sparkle light leader that could pair properly with him he would be more viable. He’s much like other physical types where they have high HP and Low RCV. Right now you will want to look for Light Physical with OE or L-shapes if you want to lead with him. His awokens are handy in that he helps with SBR and has almost enough OEs to fully ensure his dropped orbs are enhanced. Unfortunately, his team awokens help buff his HP, which is what he is already strong at, and his leader skill doesn’t contribute any to his RCV, which makes him not a very viable end game leader.

Side Dish

Active Skill: Enhanced Orbs more likely to appear by 50% for 3 turns; Jammers and Poison to Light orbs. Max 5 Turns.

Useful for sparkle leads like Light Hera Dragon to make sure you always have the necessary orbs to help you activate the leader skill. He has one SBR which is almost a baseline requirement, and his HP buff awokens make him a fairly useful sub for helping you reach HP thresholds if you need to. He would be much more useful if he had more than just hazard orbs into light and had a color or heart into light as well.


Armstrong is useful as an inherit as well. If you already have a good set of subs for your team, you can always consider using him as an inherit as a fake SDR/orb generation if you are going to run into hazards.

Scar- Hipster Deconstructed Dish.

Main Dish

Leader Skill: 1.5x HP, 3x ATK for Dark Attribute; 2x ATK when erasing 6+ connected Dark Orbs.

HP@Lv 99: 3106

ATK@Lv 99: 1922

RCV@Lv 99: 29

This one actually isn’t that bad. There are many popular dark row leads that people used to run like Pandora. However, the multiplier is slightly lower, and he doesn’t give bonus stats to other stats, but he’s not limited by type. In general, any Dark Row sub would work well with him, but be careful as he can be orb hungry. His stats are below average, with ATK being his strong point. He also has a skill haste so you may want to consider having enough colors to bring up his skill if you want to.

Side Dish

Active Skill: Void Enemies Defense for 1 turn; Dark ATK of 50x Overall Dark ATK to all enemies. Max 24 turns.

This is the same as Anji’s skill. If you didn’t farm a Max Skill Anji when you could, this is a good roll to have. Otherwise, for most laser purposes, they are just about the same. There may be some math you can do with Scar’s 1922 ATK that might help him lazer something Anji otherwise wouldn’t be able to, but I suspect those cases are few and far between.


For the cooldown of his skill (24) and the actual purpose of his skill, he would not make a very good inherit unless you are using him for the stats for an on color bonus as well as a fake SDR.


Ling- changing outfits to go to the buffet again.

Main Dish

Leader Skill: 2.5x ATK for Wood; 3x ATK & 35% reduced damage when matching heal orbs in a cross formation.

HP@Lv 99:3031

ATK@Lv 99:1442

RCV@Lv 99: 341

Oh a cross heart leader. They haven’t been as popular since Myr/Ronove have made their entrance. His activation requirements are fairly low since you need 8 specific orbs in total, and his OE means he can be either really row or TPA focused based on the subs you choose. The Devil Killer is a nice bonus. He lacks the usual SBR, SB, TE combination, and he is bindable. Overall if you have units like Michael and Perseus you should be fine leading with Ling. His multiplier is low, though and probably will not do well in the end game.

Side Dish

Active Skill: Void all damage for 1 turn; 2x ATK for Wood & Dark for 1 turn. Max 18 Turns.

This is a surprising active. Usually the void damage abilities are reserved for light typing. This makes Ling a more useful unit since he is not a light type. The cooldown is similar to Raphael’s but the rider on top of the void damage is more interesting. He’s useful if you can get his skill up by the time you need it as a sub, but his middling stats may not make him the best pick if you need his active.


The popularity of combo teams that are largely wood/dark focused (Diablos, Kushinada, Anubis, Ideal) give these teams even more firepower if they need it to take out higher HP bosses. I think he works better as an inherit than as a sub because there are many better options for these combo teams than using him.

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