Edward Elric Team Building

Edward Elric Team Building

Big Brother Ed Team Playtime!

Inb4: just rolled Ed, help me make some Ed teams. I’ll give some options for Building an Ed team below:

Leader Skill: 3x ATK, 35% Reduced damage when HP is 50% or more; 2x ATK when 4 Combos, 4x when 6+ Combos.

Active Skill: Heal, Jammer, and Poison to Light. Full HP Recovery, 3x ATK for Light Att.

My preference: Build out an Ed Team with mostly other light units and use the sub-attribute colors to cover for his skill haste. He already covers red so I want to go over the other color subs. Your damage focus can be with other 7c units, and you can look for some TE if you so wish. You do not necessarily need to have only light main attributes as his leader skill doesn’t rely on specific colors.

Step 1- Covering the colors + 7c

I’m going to do my best to present color coverage options for Ed teams so that you can get the skill haste going. I think the haste for his active skill is really important as it’s almost a perfect skill but the cooldown is so long. So working to have that up as quickly or as readily available again I think is really important.

I also want to focus a little bit more on finding 7c Subs to help maximize your damage flow when matching. You can get way more out of a team if you focus on your overall team synergy instead of trying to match multiple criteria. It’s one less thing to worry about when you’re doing your combos.

Light Main Blue Options


Tachibana is a great sub for Ed. You get a 4 color board change that includes hearts and light orbs. You get a ridiculously strong shield that makes his suitability even better. It could be something to consider popping if you know you’re going to take a giant preempt next turn. She also has 7c and Fingers to help Combo.





Navi is also good to use. The drawback of her active is that she doesn’t give hearts. But it’s on a fairly short cooldown of 9 turns and grants a haste. Added bonus is that once you’ve got her on your team, you don’t need to worry about any SBR awokens on other subs. She’s only got one 7c but it’s still a 7c. Thanks to /u/illirica for pointing out that her super awokens does give her a 2nd 7c as an option, which brings up her value some. She can also get guard break if you want that one. Her last option is team health, while it’s nice, it’s not going to be better than 7c, would be best if you could have all 3, but that’s not an equal exchange.





Yuna is like a mix between both Tachi and Navi, she takes half of a shield of Tachi, and a haste from Navi and boom. The Double 7c and the 4 Finger Awokens equate to a full 2 seconds of move time. 2 SBR is also nice to have.


Sadly, she doesn’t bring 7c. But she deals with orb locks and gives you a fresh board. Her stats arae also solid, but watch out for the low RCV.

Other Blue Options





Triple 7c, an active that deals with orb lock, awoken bind, and hazard removal, almost everything but not a light main and not really good stats. Overall still a good option I think.

Reincarnated Kushinadahime



no 7cs for her but shield actives are handy to have. Plus she does have a bind clear for other subs that don’t have bind clear. The +1 combo can come in handy if you happen to slip and miss your last combo to hit the multiplier.





Board Change + Fujin for those special cases. Although with Ed there’s less of a worry because he does have good damage control, but sometimes you just want to say fuck you Sopdet, fuck you and your secret skyfall buff. Also provides bind clear, and can take Skill Haste super awoken.


I’m fully expecting new Evos to be arriving in NA. Much like Uruka, Fujin deals with damage absorbs. Also has 7c and TEs, but no SBR.


One of everything on the menu. Amatsu brings just about one of everything you could want, 7c, FUA, SBR, and bind clear. Also deals with orb unlocks. Probably one of the top choices to cover blue for me. I think FUA is quickly becoming the norm like 5 SBR when building out teams and Ed teams are no different.

Reincarnated Tsukuyomi




I use her on my ideal/diablos team because of her TE. If you don’t have Yuna and would like extra TE, this is not an awful choice, but it’s not the best. You can easily inherit over the active.

Light Main Green Options





Everything but the kitchen sink with this one. Much like Amatsu it’s a MH unit, but instead of FUA you’re getting a skill haste. While damage control isn’t too much of a problem for Ed teams, it’s usually just easier to kill the absorb and not worry about the secret kill you skyfall buff.





It would have made me sad if Alfonse didn’t make a good sub at the very least to back up his big brother Ed. Al brings an FUA with 7c, along with a board change and extra shield. Bonus points for being a bro.

Christmas Fagan

A n ice use for a Xmas present you probably didn’t remember you had. Also gains benefits from Skill Haste, brings a 7c and SBR to boot for his awokens. a 4 color + hearts board change, gravity, and a bind clear for other subs. This one ranks pretty high up as a sub for me on Ed teams.


Another one of those collab units that most people probably don’t use as often as others, but this one’s also pretty good for Ed teams. Her 7c also comes with a guard break and devil killer, both are nice bonuses to have. Though with Ed teams you’re probably outright murdering high defense anyways. The active gives you light skyfalls on an 8 turn cooldown for 3 turns. So really a 5 turn downtime for the bonus drops. Drawback, her stats are pretty abysmal.

Awoken Apollo

/u/illirica kindly pointed out this as an option. The double Heart orb enhance is going to be useful for making sure you don’t dip too low if you’re limited on heart orb drops. With the double orb change and the skyfall buff it should supply a good amount of offensive fire power for the other 7c units.

Yang Guifei

This series has largely been forgotten. She is a Balance type so she can take any killer. Her awokens are nice with 2 SBR and a 7c, the future super awoken option can bring her to double 7c. The active is also nice since you can bypass some floors with high defense and setup a board for the next floor. Like Allura however, stats are low.

Awoken Raphael

Very situational use. The damage void is nice but it takes so long and with Ed’s leader skill and other options it’s kind of an over kill. The healing also takes place later, and his awokens don’t really do much.





In terms of overall awokens, this one is one of the weaker ones, but you still get a board change which should ensure an FUA when you need it.

Awoken Amaterasu




I mean..it’s useable. Situationally useful, usually in no RCV dungeons. Ama helps clear normal binds for your team, has a haste and the heal is an instant heal if you don’t have Ed’s skill up.





I would probably take Valk over Ama for Ed Teams. It’s farmable, it’s fairly easy to obtain, and most people have it already. You can consider bringing it along if you really need to.

Other Green Options.





Husbando tier, board changer, triple 7c. Standard TE/SB/SBR attachments.



Two wasted green row awokens, but has 7c and FUA with a Team HP increase. Ed teams would enjoy more HP since it gives the leader skill more padding to take hits. Useful board change with a haste.

Ma Chao

Mostly he’s here to deal with orb lock situations. Very below average stats, but has an SBR and 7c.

Reincarnated Meimei

Also a good board changer, but doesn’t provide the FUA coverage or hearts like Sylvie. two wasted OE on green, but can eventually take an L Unlock in the future for some marginal use.

Odin Dragon




The 7c Odindragon is extremely useful and a solid sub to throw in. 50% max hp heal with bind recovery and haste all on a short cooldown. This is a very common and extremely useful sub for almost all current end game content.

Ragnarok Dragon

Another popular sub. Board change with killers and covers 2 colors, two of the most common killers for end game content of Dragon and God Killers. Good HP.

Winry Rockbell

This belongs here because of OTP. The heal doesn’t kick in right away, the shield lasts a few turns but weak compared to other shield options.

Light Main Dark Options


Triple 7c, pack it up. Oh, we didn’t mention the double team HP awoken, amazing stats, and a board change active that comes with a delay yet. Okay, now we’re done.

Light Ney

Oh hey neyney. She gives a great tri color board with bind recovery and heal on her active.Her awokens include double 7c and an SBR. She is balanced type for your favorite killers. A little weak on the RCV side but overall still a great pick to fill out dark.

NY Yomi

Balance typing for any killer, 3 TE, double 7c. The active is a little weak, but you can always inherit over it. Overall stats are good too.

Sherias Roots

Board changer with a single target true damage. Like Ragnarok Dragon also carries a Dragon and God Killer. The Guard break is useful, but usually Ed teams don’t need to worry about breaking defenses.

Reincarnated Indra

A popular shield to use for most teams. Has some great HP to help with increasing the threshold of Ed Teams. It’s not going to be automatic pick but overall it’s not the worst.

Diao Chan

Situational pick with rather low stats. She has a 7c and a fast board unlock with time extend active. Great for dealing with crappy boss preempts that like to drop hazards and lock them.

Other Dark Options


Great bi-color board change, comes with rare killers attached like Machine and Physical. Future super awokens can bring void pierce or a second 7c.

Dark Kali


Double 7c, but doesn’t provide a secondary color coverage. Really strong stats and a full board change with hearts.


Step 2- After you filled in all colors

If you can fill in your colors and still have slots left over, we can look at some double light, light only, anything with a red attribute, or other useful subs.



So you have Ed AND Yog. Why not? I’m jelly. Yog provides a heal, bind clear, and 2 color board change. You will also get multiplayer boosts if you’re co oping with another player.


Look at you and your amazing luck on your rolls! Cotton can actually work in most of her forms on an Ed Team. Not just the light form. She brings double 7c and FUA, which is becoming more and more necessary for end game content.





ALL THE KILLERS! The red version has an FUA, which would probably be my preference since you could always fix the bind.


Great sub for Edward to use after you’ve covered your colors. She has a tri-color board with a haste as her active that matches the elements of Ed, so you will see a decent contribution from fire as well. She’s also an FUA sub with 7c of her own.

Light Kali

If you’re really scraping for a light board changer, sure.


Main color is off, but you’ll get a 2 color board change, true damage active, and a few killers.


Dragon killer is nice with the 2 color board change, but doesn’t bring anything super new.


Tri color board changer with haste, nothing super special for him on Ed teams. Can be used to setup an FUA as well. Lacks any TE or 7c.

Pixel Cecil

Tri color board changer with a + combo and has a void pierce. If you somehow manage to get a bad board or flub your board the +combo may actually save you by hitting a higher multiplier. Situational use based on whether a dungeon has a damage null that you need to punch or not.


He’s got one 7c, his active isn’t as strong as others and the haste attachment is a nice. The devil killer is a nice bonus.

Light Hera Dragon

If you bought Light Hera dragon you can use it. Not really the best but carries a 7c with a decent active that should help you get a better board state.

Hiko Seijuro

He’s another absorb null option. Sadly doesn’t cover any extra colors, but has a 7c, 2 SBR, and 2 TE attached. Also his balance typing is good for taking killers.

Wedding Scheat/Apollo/Wedding Eschamali

I’m clumping these together as I want to mention them for having the light skyfall buff. That’d probably the be the reason to have them. You’ll get lots of extra damage from skyfall drops as well as extra orbs for the next few turns.


Some gravity options. At least Hathor has 7c awokens.


Triple 7c and shares a color with Ed. It won’t take away light orbs either. Can consider using her for more firepower.


Laser with a board change. High stats across the board.

Step 3- Assemble and test

I think I’ve covered a good amount of subs in a concise manner for building out Ed teams. I tried to consider lots of options and I understand that everyone’s box is different. The important thing is to look at the dungeon you’re going to take on and understanding what’s needed to overcome the mechanics.



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  1. Hey Puzzled Chef, I just wanted to add that Supergirl is also an option albeit a subpar option to cover the blue category the 4 prongs aren’t the best but we could probably fit in a light prong every once in awhile, she’s what I’m using if I’m not using Yomi to cover my blue needs since I rolled Alphonse to cover my FUA eliminating my need to use Skuld/Mizutsune. Aside from that.. GREAT WORK!!

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