Valentine’s REM Review

Valentine’s REM Review

Valentine’s REM Review

Wow, another special collab roll. This time you can collect all your favorites, but we all know there is only Monika, just Monika…..

But other than Monika we have quite a few new cards to select from.

Also, I’m going to reorganize a little bit so it’s a little easier to read. I did get some feedback on the formatting, so thank you! For the time being there will be less food related stuff while I work on it.


  • Don’t have a Sheen/Carat/Facet? Consider rolling
  • Only want to chase Valentine’s Ney? Consider it an expensive date.
  • At least all the 5 stars are cute.

Chef’s Preferences

  • Ney, ney, ney. Everything about this Ney is amazing, no need to evo, double 7c, void peirce, awoken bind recovery, board change.
  • Gemstones, I have none.
  • Everything else- Chinese gods are great inherits for me to have handy, indifferent about Kush/Astaroth.

So we’ll start from the highest rarity and work our way down.

Valentine’s Ney 8* – Cliche Perfect Dinner Date Proposal Completed!


















Leader Skill: 3x ATK and 25% damage reduction when attacking with Light & Dark. 3x ATK Dragons. Extends time to move Orbs by 2 seconds.

Active Skill: Reduces Bind Status & Awoken Skill Bind by 5 turns; Changes all Orbs to Light, Dark, and Heal Orbs. Max 13 Turns.

Stats at Level 99

  • HP: 4626
  • ATK: 1983
  • RCV: 421

The only 8* drop in this REM. But with good reason:

  • Amazing attack support awokens: 2 7c and void pierce.
  • Full Board Change Active AND Bind/Awoken Bind 5 turn clear.
  • Balance typing, can take any killer.
  • Well balanced stats


The restriction is you’ll want to look for Dragons, but the good thing is since she covers the light/dark her self. I’d probably throw in one or two other subs like Sheena, Light Ney, or Apoc and fill in the rest with some extra utility like Indra, maybe look for an FUA like Nergiganate.

Given the choice of current top leads and Valentine’s Ney, I would not lead Valentine’s Ney.


Very few other units sport 7c AND void pierce as base awokens. I think currently only Iori is the only other available 7c + void, and he only has one 7c.

  • Best for current meta setups like Diablos, Anubis, Ideal, and Kush.
  • Just great on any other team that is light or dark focused.

If you stack 3 latent killers on her you can reach really strong multipliers through her damage. Hitting one of each of her awokens (TPA, 7c, Void) you get 22.5x, adding in the 3 possible killers and you are looking at 76x damage. It’s just really strong.


Look at you with the luxury of being able to inherit her. You can use her board change to setup almost anything you need, void pierce, FUA, kill board. You will want to make sure that you save her active for the awoken skill bind if you will encounter it. I think for me if I’m inheriting, it’s a dupe inherit and if I get 3 Valentine Ney, then I should just be buying real lottery tickets.

Non-dupe pairings:

The usual suspects again, any high combo count leaders like Diablos and Ideal, just make sure your subs are also dragons.

Valentine’s Kushinadahime 7* – So ya did a Fancy Dinner Date















Since she’s almost a complete color swap I’ll be doing lots of comparison to her original form of Reincarnated Kushinadahime.




Leader Skill: No Skyfall. 1.5x HP and ATK for God Type, 2x ATK when 5 combos, 12x when 10+ Combos.

Active Skill: Reduces damage received by 75% for 1 turn, Adds 2 Combos for 1 turn. Max 15 Turns.

Stats at Level 99

  • HP: 3905
  • ATK: 1532
  • RCV: 610


Her stats and awokens are really well suited for a defense oriented unit. Lots of support with 2 heart orb awokens along with unbindable bind clear. She is however, lacking a SBR and has a really low ATK, but her HP and RCV are both pretty good. Compared to her Revo Form, her stats are lower, and she’s lacking the SBR or extra fingers for the combo style play.

She also doesn’t have super awokens at this time, but Revo Kush can have access to the coveted 7c awoken.

A different sub pool needed for her as she buffs god types and not healers. Look for some full board changers, or things with TE passives to help you combo. You might have a slightly better sub pool for Valentine Kush, but I don’t think her capabilities are that much higher than Revo Kush.


At max skill level this is a 15 turn CD, compared to the Revo form of 10, but you do get 1 more combo count if that matters to your team. She’ll be best utilized in spots where you need a strong defensive utility sub that can cover multiple needs- from needing a bind clear to having a better ability to heal, in addition to possibly a life saving shield. Overall I think her shield is weaker than the Revo form as I’d rather have the one with the lower cooldown than just a situational 2 combo + buff. Since we’re talking about shield I’d like to compare her shield to Indra’s as well. Indra clocks a 2 turn shield on 13 turn CD with a haste. I would take either Revo Kush or Indra’s shield (I have at least 2 of them) over Valentine Kush, but if you are lacking both, then her valuation is much higher.


If you don’t have Indra or Revo Kush, she’s probably going to be your go to. The most common places to take these inherits into is where you run into large preempts like DQ hera or Goemon so you can survive.

Non-dupe Pairing

Look for some combo leads, Anubis is usable with her.

Valentine’s Astaroth 7*- You looked up a Gordon Ramsey Fancy Homemade Meal














I was surprised that she was a Valentine card. My guess is that she is a very popular unit in the JP community for her artwork.




Leader Skill: 2x ATK, 25% reduced damage when wood and light attack at once, 5x ATK for matched attribute when erasing 5 orbs with 1+ enhanced.

Active Skill: Changes Jammers, Fire, Poison to Wood Orbs; Enhances all orbs.


  • HP: 3284
  • ATK: 1704
  • RCV 694


Wow what a nice set of awokens for her leader skill, the double L match unlock gives her a nice attack boost along with a way of dealing with pesky orb locks. Reminders on L Unlock:

  • It won’t prevent any new orbs from falling that are locked
  • Unlock what’s on the board, not new skyfalls that drop as locked orbs

The first part is very similar to a Julie playstyle, where you match 2 to get your shield, then you’ll want to sparkle board. The L shape is the preferred method as it will give her a damage boost but not fully necessary if you are speedfarming with her. She can get some really nice subs with Avalon Drake and Sylvie. Her active plays into her leader skill, but with double leader on Astaroth you’ll want to have at least one more Enhanced orb awoken on your sub team. And because she’s a sparkle board you may want to have some extra OE/L-Unlock to help with the damage.

Green OE Subs.


Her active fits okay for a sub. It gets rid of your hazard orbs and does a board change. The enhance is helpful if you are running sparkleboard. I feel like I’m spoiled with all the board changers I see so I’m feel like a 7 star should have a board change + other goodies or something at that level. This one feels weak, honestly. You can use her in other green focused teams if you want, but I just can’t really think solid place for her over something like Cronus, Sylvie, or Ragdra.


She’s not a bad orb change to inherit if you need the enhance, removing jammers/poison as well as getting more green orbs is a good thing if your team is green focused.

Non-Dupe Pairing

Challenge yourself with pairing with a friend Rushana and enjoy trying to fit an L and cross at the same time! Have fun! 😛

Valentine Sheen, Facet, Carat 6* – You ordered flowers online but forgot dinner reservations.

I’m gonna put these 3 in a group as well as the 5* in a group next as they are all largely similar to each other and their normal forms.







Really wish there was a Wildcard Awoken I had handy. The above awokens are the ones they all have, with either TE, TPA, or extra SB as the extra one, whichever one they buff as part of their spike.

Sheen- Extra TE

Sheen Stats

  • HP: 2464
  • ATK:1305
  • RCV:579

Carat- Extra SB

Carat Stats:

  • HP: 4015
  • ATK:1405
  • RCV:348

Facet- Extra TPA

Facet Stats

  • HP: 2520
  • ATK: 1858
  • RCV: 228

Leader Skill 3.5x ATK & 1.5x RCV [Main Element]. 2x ATK when 4+ connected [Main element] matched.

Active Skill: Increase ATK based on the number of TE/SB/TPA awakenings on the team for 2 turns. (30% each)

There just isn’t any real reason to lead these except if you really want to cheerlead a farming lead, but there are so many options for farming it’s just not worth it.


Their actives are all unchanged from their original form, the bonus is that they can have a multiplayer boost which may or may not be relevant if you’re co oping and don’t have the number of skill boosts or ability to stall for a burst. But ultimately they are all still the best used as inherits.


Speaking of inherits, you can refer to the old post I have here about the Gemstones. The nice thing is they are color swapped so you can probably use them for some on-color stat boosts. Carat and Sheen are probably going to be more useful than Facet as TPA teams now pale in comparison to 7c teams. Maybe one day we’ll see a gemstone boost based on  7c awokens?


Valentine’s Chinese God series- 5* You bought some drugstore chocolate and a hallmark card on your way.




As with the Gemstones, these are just slight variations of their original forms, with Kirin being a little more different than the others are different.


There’s just way better combo or color match leads right now to consider these real leaders. They are also weaker than their Revo forms.


A helpful thing about these is that they all have an L unlock. Using them as a sub can help you get around some parts that hard to deal with, but remember it only unlocks orbs currently on the board. Luckily they still have lots of utility as board changers, and Kirin has a 4 color change which would go well with Tachibana.


I think this is where they are actually really nice. If you don’t have a full selection of Chinese gods, I don’t think it’s every a bad thing to have the option of one of their board changes when needed.

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