Blue Sonia Green Sonia Revisted

Blue Sonia Green Sonia Revisted

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I want to talk a bit about the new Blue Sonia and Green Sonia coming out since they are quickly becoming more popular. These two were the Sonias that were less commonly seen back when they were first released. Red Sonia (aka the Town Bicycle) was the most popular and considered more powerful due to the fact that she had a very broad and easily obtained farmable sub pool. Blue and Green Sonia were largely more restrictive due to the sub pools. However, things have changed since.

They both have the same set of awoken skills:



The play style is obvious for them. You want the L AND 7 combo.. The combo should be a higher priority as each 7c is x2, while the L is only x1.5. Both of them provide a board change that’s an orb unlock and a bind clear. This is a strong active as nothing should be stopping you for having an on demand board when you need it.

Why is it good?

Leader Skill: Dragon Type 1.5x to all parameters, Extend time to move orbs by 2 seconds. 5x ATK and 25% damage reduction when Dark & Water/Wood attack at once.

  • Team stability

For building teams in Puzzle and Dragons, you will want your team to be stable. You can have lots of attack but if you don’t have HP, you die instantly. Having lots of HP but no attack means you can’t kill anything, Having lots of HP but no RCV means you can’t heal and do well in longer fights. This is the origin of what many refer to as the 2/4/2 setup. 2x HP, 4x ATK, 2x RCV.

Some setups were variants, but the idea is still now, to cover your bases. It may take forms in other ways like shields and damage reduction now, but the underlying principle is the same.With the two Sonias: 1.5x to all parameters for Dragon types. This means you’re already at 2.25x for HP/ATK/RCV without doing anything. By matching the two colors you need you will end up with the base numbers of 2.25/56.25/2.25. Which is already above the old 2/4/2 numbers. This does not count the damage reduction that is included.

  • Extra move time on leader skill

This means Lakshmi’s awoken bind and other awoken skill invalids do not negate the leader skill extended move time. Very helpful to have.

  • Low color requirement

You only need to match 2 colors, which generally you should have on the board. For some orb hungry leaders like Yog, you will need 6 light orbs,  which is slightly harder to have all the time on the board than 3 water and 3 dark or 3 wood and 3 dark.

  • Good offensive awokens

The Sonias by themselves have 11.25 (base)  x4 (both 7c)  x2.25 (both L unlock), this brings it to just a little over 100x at 101.25x,

Damage reduction vs Raw HP

To understand a bit more about the leader skill you’ll want to understand the difference between raw HP (the number you see on your health bar) vs what some people call “Effective HP” or EHP. Raw HP is very simple, when it’s gone, it’s gone. Effective HP is a slightly different beast- having a damage reduction basically means your current health is always greater than what that number says on the health bar. Example: If you have 1000 Raw HP and take 2 hits of 500 damage, you’re dead. Let’s say you now have 1000HP but you also have a 50% shield, you can take the first 500 HP attack and end at 750 HP (1000-500*0.5) and then you can take that same hit again and still be alive.

The damage reduction of the Sonias makes that 2.25x HP number even higher than what it seems on your life bar.

Synergizes well with some of the most popular units

I’m sure many of you reference and other various tier lists. The Sonias can utilize most of these sought after units with ease.

Green Sonia can use Odindra and RagDra, which most players do have and are technically farmable. They are both strong units, especially Odindra for the ability to heal and recover all binds.

Blue Sonia has Uruka and Amatsu, slightly harder to acquire than Odindra and Ragdra. Dealing with absorbs becomes more and more annoying and FUA is starting to become a requirement.

Team Building Templates

Instead of trying to work through every possible sub for the Sonias, I’m going to work through a template for suggestions for you. As an aside, I think Green Sonia is better than Blue because she gets more use out of Odindra, which is really important come late game. Blue sonia does get some good subs, but they’re going to be more rare as they are harder to come by like Amatsu and Uruka. I’m also not going to deviate from the dragon subtype, as they all get passive benefits from the leader skill and I’d like to try to utilize that as much as possible.

Here’s basically your filter settings if you want to poke around, I basically just did this and did some curating work.

  • Set Dragon type
  • Set Skills/Awokens you want
  • Search.

Green Sonia

Sub 1: Odin Dragon





This is probably one I’d just leave as a non flexible for the majority of the time. It’s technically farmable. If you were able to get the 300k MP reward from the monthly challenge then this is one you should get. The utility from Odin Dragon is really strong, he has a bonus 7c which will help with his damage output as well. He can also bind clear with just a row of hearts and now blow his active if you need it later. Very strong sub.

Sub 2: FUA options

Top suggestions




Either or works here for my preferred FUA option. Sylvie is a full board change, while Cotton has a shorter CD on 2 color orb change. You should have enough orbs most of the time with just Cotton’s active to get the FUA if you need it.

Other FUA options




Rushana has her own dungeon. Keep in mind she is not a dragon type. Her active can be skilled up to the point where it’s reasonable to inherit over if you want, it will take 31 levels. Verdandi is useable, but her board change will not leave you dark orbs to use. Nerg is a swapped color choice but as long as you have 3 green somewhere in the middle part of your board you should be good to go.

Sub 3 and 4: Board Changes/Utility options

I’d probably use at least 1 board changer and leave the last one as a more open spot, most likely I would default to another board change. There are some nice utility options for Green Sonia as well:

Board Changers





Here are some of the board changers I’d probably pick from. Jorm is a much easier farmable than Ragnarok Dragon and Azathoth (technically farmable). Mitsunari in his awoken form actually gets the Dragon typing so he’s applicable here, an extra 50% shield isn’t too bad, and it lasts for 2 turns.

Non Dragon Board Change 





You could actually use either, they just don’t have the dragon typing bonus. Non Awoken and Awoken forms just have different riders on their skills. Zuoh Inerit isn’t actually that’ bad, the rows might be a bit of a waste, but it’s still a board change. Halloween Verd has the  FUA super awoken option and a near perfect board change.

Orb Change Subs




Nees is amazing at stats and skill, awokens are a little on the lower count and weak,. Pixel Shan will almost certainly make sure you can match your colors. He also provides void penetration if that’s what you need.





If you know you’re gonna need a bigger shield on top of the HP boost AND the damage reduction from Green Sonia, you could consider these. All of them have the unbindable/bindclear combination of awokens, so if that’s something you need to have for the dungeon you’re doing, might not be a bad idea since it will save your Sonia active.

Ishtar and Droiddragon are there for defense breaks if needed.






Tardis has a 1 turn active and 6k hp, you can easily use something like a Meimei inherit over him if you wanted, or anything else really. Shazel is there to kill demons.

Last Notes

10c awoken is coming from JP in the future. Diablos is a dragon, Diablos has a 7×6 board leader skill. Just saying.


Blue Sonia

Unlike Green Sonia,  I don’t think Blue sonia has a MUST have. She does have a better selection of utility choices though. Board changers are a given and FUA is really just almost a necessity:

Sub 1: FUA

Top Suggestions




Really shouldn’t be a surprise that the top choices here are the mirror picks of Green Sonia. These are strong picks for Blonia teams and you should carry one on your team if you have it.

Other FUA





Sadly there’s no rushana equivalent here. I considered putting Amatsu in but he completely destroys your board with his active, so unless you have an inherit over it I’m hesitant to have him as an option just for FUA. Anaphon can be used (thanks for the mention /u/spectralspon) if you get the super awoken for FUA.

Sub 2 and 3, pick 2 or 3 of these if you can

Board Changers






Typhon can be his other forms as well such as Anaphon.  If you rolled Paolumu he’s really good to have as a sub, as well as using him as an inherit. Blue Sonia does get access to Sherias and Seiryuu, Meimei for Green Sonia loses her dragon typing so that’s why I didn’t list her. Ragdra is also not as good because of the colors. Probably bring 2 of these along if you can.

Other Non Dragon Board Changers




Uranus has triple 7c, that is enough to provide him a good amount of fire power. His board change is also very useful.

Other Orb Changers





Shinji is actually pretty bad stat wise. But you can consider using him if you need, or if you need an inherit his skill is pretty good since it will get you your activation. Aife won’t fully fix your board but the triple 7c like Uranus gives a crap ton of damage. /u/Inerdtia also brings up the point that Awoken Andromeda is also not a bad choice, she brings a heart make and some good rcv (and balance typing for killers).






So these are interesting choices for Blue Sonia. Most notable one here for me is Uruka. If you go with her skill haste super awoken option make sure you have enough colors to cover! Julie is a great killer sub to bring with a short cd so you can easily inherit over her with another skill, the same reason for Blue Hunter. Blue Hunter also gives the advantage of co op boost if you’re in multiplayer mode. Orochi for a delay. Legiana for some support and a board refresh. B/G Sun Quan is a delay on a much shorter CD than Orochi, if other units happen to also have Dragon/Healer it’s a consideration. Distal(spelling?), Zaerog, and Herme versions are all useful Dragon type bursts.

These are all pretty flexible picks but nothing here is as solid as Odindragon for Green Sonia.






I’m sure there will be co op situations where you could use Whaledor in a short but difficult dungeon with Blonia that might be necessary in the future. I can’t think of one now, but it’s something to keep in the back of your mind that Whaledor is a dragon.

Inherits and Subs for Both

I found quite a few inheirts that would work for both teams so I won’t split them into each subheading.

Gammoth Equip as an inherit- This equip is really strong to use for either Green Sonia or Blue Sonia. It works for both because it does Water/Wood/Dark with 1 set of 3 each. Comes with the added bonus of 400HP and 100ATK




Sonia needs a new dress to the ball. This is a helpful board fix and bonus stat as it helps you get at least a blue/green matches. Will not help with missing Dark orbs.




UY as an inherit is better for Blue Sonia than for Green Sonia, but you can definitely still use it for either team. It’s unfortunate they don’t get a dragon type. You can run them  on either team if you want. I’d probably run the B/G version for Green Sonia if i’m really stretching.




Here are some board change inherits to consider if you already have a fully dragon base team. You can consider using them on the teams as bases but they will be a step weaker than the other choices I’ve listed.




Freyja and I&I are listed here as burst inherits if you need it.

15 Replies to “Blue Sonia Green Sonia Revisted”

    1. What’s the rest of your team’s RCV? It’s useable, keep in mind Mel has 44 RCV and is also weak in that department. I usually use RCV badge and an andromeda on my Blonia team on JP side.

      1. I’m sitting around 3137 RCV with 33523 HP, it might be higher cause I’m thinking about 110ing both my revo Orochi and inheriting them on each other. And I typically use the HP+ badge. I only asked cause I kinda turned mizu into an equipment for memes on Mel, so she actually sits at 547 RCV with mizu/297’d.

      2. Mel’s base RCV is low but when you +297 her the 6 heart orb enhances more than make up for it when you match 4 hearts.

  1. I wish Gronia had a better FUA option. In theorycrafting Sylvie just isn’t doin it for me, and neither is Rushana.

    1. Sadly Sylvia and cotton are the only 2 dragon green main color units with FUA. Check the dungeons to see if you need it, you might be able to grind things down past resolve and kill it that way.

  2. Thanks for the team building advice! I’ve read every single of your review, at least once each! I like cooking too, so I really like the “puzzled chef” idea!

    PAD just came out with a whole bunch of exciting stuff with Gronia, would you be able to review the upcoming MP monsters and heroines?

    Oh, also, would you please please write something about how to evaluate a card’s stats? Like what kind of HP/ATK/RCV must a card have to be considered “decent”? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Harry,

      I just noticed that I was forcing people to put in emails for comments, my bad! I should have that fixed now.

      Secondly- I’m still working on the heroine post, I’ve fallen a bit behind but should be up by the end of this week. I’ll also try to take a look at the new MP monsters like Amen. As far as stat levels go, the best way I look at it is with PADGuide, there’s a handy chart in there that shows where it ranks relative to other units on its star level. If you have any specific requests please let me know!

  3. @Chef – Thoughts on Kiri as a sub? Currently using her as my all killer sub with Pirate Zaerog equipped as well as Machine Killer Awakes. Though her dragon killer has caused problems on occasion. Her active basically doubles damage against most enemies and her stats are much better overall than a puppeteer.

    1. Kiri is a fine sub. If you’re doing a dragon heavy dungeon, her value increases. Her active isn’t super helpful since it’s a color change. The Zaerog equip isn’t an awful choice as it gives gravity and burst.

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