New MP Units: Amen, Mut, Khonsu

New MP Units: Amen, Mut, Khonsu

A new challenger has arrived!

New MP Units have been added to the store. These are each 750k MP and can be very powerful. They are base units and they can also be evo’d into equip assists.


  • Buy Amen for a fun and powerful leader
  • Buy Mut if you want an equippable bind resist
  • Don’t buy Khonsu. If you want to buy Khonsu, buy me the stones for 750k mp instead, it’s a better investment.

Let’s get started:





Rub a dub dub thanks for the grub.

Main Dish



4 TEs is necessary in my opinion for this unit in my opinion. He doesn’t have many offensive based Awokens except for an L-unlock, which is something I like on him. The reason behind me really liking the 4 TE and L Unlock is his leader skill here:

Leader Skill:  No skyfall combos. ATK x10 when there are 3 or less orbs on the board after matching. All attribute cards ATK x10 when reaching exactly 7 combos.

You absolutely have to be very careful when using him. It is exactly 7 combos, no more, no less. Going to 8 drops that x10 multi, same with hitting 6 only. You also have to have 3 or less at the end of your combo. This is a very specific board setup you will need to practice, and most importantly plan your move ahead of time. There is a really good reddit post here that I recommend everyone going to as it’s a very good write up on an extremely skilled Japanese player, Dacho’s method of using Amen.

I recommend using subs with TE and Board changers for skills. When you hit the full multiplier the numbers are extremely satisfying to see. Tardis or Diao Chan are both good subs to have for their short cooldown time extend actives. Shields are also not a bad choice if you are looking for some utility. He does have a coupld of weaknesses. He’s not the best at damage control you are either 0, x100, or x10000. So plan accordingly if you want to take on dungeons with mechanics that require damage control. He also lacks HP multipliers, so large preemptive strikes will take him out unless you have a shield active.

Side Dish

Active Skill  Randomly spawn 3 Fire orbs from non Fire orbs. 7 Turns ( 3 Turns at Lv.5 )

There’s really nothing to be said for him about being a sub because he is such a strong and unique leader.


There are exactly 2 units that are Equip with a Skill Boost Awoken. This guy, and Nergigante, which is a 7 star collab roll from Monster Hunter. I feel like unless you have extra 750MP to burn, and really need that extra SB to setup some super specific setup, keep him as a leader.

Wine Pairing

Please double pair him for the most part. If you need practice you can use Hera Nyx or other time extend leads to practice. For challenging yourself you can try using him on a 7×6 board, for self torture challenge, try 7×6 board  with Valphalk pair.





So now we’ve got a Mut and a Nut.

Main Dish



Similar to Amen in awokens, there is hardly anything offensive focused. She is balanced type so you can boost her damage that way.

Leader Skill:  ATK x3 for clearing each Water orbs in a cross formation. All attribute cards ATK x5, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with 6+ Dark orbs at the same time.

It’s kind of like Aizen/Ameno style? You do the cross for the bonus damage, then you have to do a row for the other part. It’s super super orb hungry. Half your board basically has to be dark/blue for this to work and it’s not flexible at all. Tri color board changers would be your friend here so you get some spacing with a third color orb between your dark and water orbs. If you want a leader, Amen is way better.

Side Dish

Active Skill: No skyfall combos for 1 turn. Change Wood orbs to Water orbs. 8 Turns ( 4 Turns at Lv.5 )

No Skyfall can be very helpful in some situations like if you had a poison skyfall debuff and you are low on health, you kind of want to not die to poison skyfall. Also useful for damage control, because we’ve all had the situation where you combo 4 and end up with 25.


This is probably the reason you get this unit. Unbindable equip. The only danger that you might run into is losing your active because 8 turns is still kind of a short cooldown to inherit.

Wine Pairing

I really don’t have any good suggestions for this unit. I think if you are getting this unit, the best use is to evo it into the equip status for the unbindable.





Did we go back to when Green was the worst of the tricolors? Don’t waste MP

Main Dish



Green Rows for a 750k MP unit. I’m not even sure if these awokens are relevant at this time.

Leader Skill:  All attribute cards ATK x3, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with 6+ Wood orbs at the same time. All attribute cards ATK x3 when reaching 2 set of Light combos. ATK x4 for each additional combo, up to ATK x7 when reaching 3 combos.

Not only do you need lots of wood orbs, you need lots of light orbs too. This suffers from the same issue Mut has of needing half the board fit. At least if you have lots of Sylvie and Momiji it can maybe work.

Side Dish

Active Skill: Change top-most row into Wood orbs. 9 Turns ( 5 Turns at Lv.5 )

I generally try to have a positive outlook on things but this skill is just bad for a 750k mp unit when it’s literally the same skill as Leeza.

The only difference is that he brings rows, but if its rows you want just bring Australis. The majority of the time green rows is being run is under ALB swipe conditions.





It’s 3 rows and a Green OE.

I don’t even know, at this point, just don’t waste MP.


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