Which killers to use?

Which killers to use?

Determining what killers to use.

As you progress through more and more of Puzzle and Dragons you may have come across what people call “killers”. Killers can come in 2 forms: one is the one that’s a baseline awoken, and the other comes in the form of latent awaken. If it’s a baseline awoken, meaning that the unit has it as part of its standard awokens, it will appear on the right side of the monster card, and latent awokens that are later added on are added on the bottom of the card.

There is a difference between these.

A) You can’t change the baseline awokens, but you can change latents

B) Baseline Killers do x3 damage, while Latents do x1.5 damage.

C) Certain Latents can only be used by certain types. Balanced types can use all killers.


Killers are often used right now for hard dungeons like Alt Arena. I looked at some of the dungeons that players run often in the end game-ish: Alt Arena, Multiplayer Cataclysmic Dragon Rush, Arena 3, and the new Arena: 運命の三針(Fate of three needles? I’m assuming it’s in reference to time because of the hour/minute/second hands). Technically you don’t need Killers for Arena 3, but you may have acquired killers through other venues like free gifts, and Arena 3 is where you can farm some more killers.

This assumes a few things:

  • You are only looking at the four dungeons I’ve listed. Yes Dragon Rush skews the data a little but I have separate tables to separate them.
  • All floors are equally dangerous (FL1 is just as dangerous as Fl20)
  • All spawns have an equal chance to spawn (IE Light and Dark Meta are 50% each and etc for every floor with more than 2 different types of spawns)
  • Does not take into consideration nulls/absorbs/etc. This is literally only counting the Type of the enemy you encounter.

I did two looks:

A) I did a raw count of how many of each type appears in the entire dungeon

B) Because some floors are more prone to throw the raw counts off, I wanted to put some weighting into it. Example: Floor 4 and Floor 10 of Alt Arena spawns all share the same time, doing a raw count counts each of those multiple times, but really it’s “1” spawn since the same killers would affect all of them.


Weighting Method: For each type of spawn for every floor, Sum the number of times each type appears, then divided by the total number of possible spawns. So a Floor with 5 different dragon/devil spawns (FL4 of Alt Arena) The total score would be 1 for Devil and 1 for Dragon


God and Dragon followed by Devil. Attacker, Balanced, and Physical are a little more useful than Healer. Last is Machine. (At this point in time) for the count of what spawns.

After the new Arena is released, Machine will move up a tier and Healer will drop. There are significantly more machines in the new Arena than the others.



So after doing all of the above, here is some raw data. I also cut the data from AA and A3 into 2 parts since the first half of the dungeon is generally not threatening.

Raw Counts

All, Raw Count
Dragon 109
God 81
Devil 80
Attacker 47
Physical 43
Machine 37
Balanced 31
Healer 23

Weighted Values

Taking the summation of all the weights, assuming each dungeon is valued equally, here are the weights I arrived at:

All, weighted
Dragon 23.86666667
God 16.45
Devil 11.51428571
Attacker 9.533333333
Physical 7.585714286
Balanced 7.219047619
Healer 6.016666667
Machine 5.05

If we only cared about some of the “boss floors” and dropping out 3P Dragon Rush

No 3p, FL13+, Weighted
Dragon 17.86666667
God 14.95
Devil 10.61428571
Attacker 8.683333333
Physical 6.985714286
Machine 6.119047619
Balanced 4.416666667
Healer 4.4


Raw Count

Dragon 30
Devil 16
Machine 16
God 13
Attacker 12
Physical 9
Healer 7
Balanced 6


Dragon 10.66666667
Machine 5.719047619
Devil 5.214285714
God 4.4
Attacker 4.066666667
Physical 3.619047619
Healer 2.65
Balanced 2.533333333

As you can see Machine types got a much heavier weighting in the new arena. If you are looking forward to doing the new arena, your god killers might not be as help as often as you think.


Not every card is going to be able to take the perfect killer setups. Some cards are more limited, but doesn’t mean they can’t contribute to extra damage that is needed for some of the more end game dungeons. The idea behind this look was to really help you come to a more informed decision on “okay do I put physical, balanced, or attacker killer on this unit”

There are of course, other options for latents like Skill Delay Resist and some stat latents, but that is not the purpose of this post. Again, this is solely looking at dungeons and the probability of running into what types of units and what kind of killers would be needed.

EDIT: Some people have asked that I do some other looks so I’ve added a new look:

“What are some of the subtypes that are attached to dragon/god types in these dungeons” and an attempt to try to isolate threatening floors.

I trimmed down the data to the following:

For AA: Units that have a high defense value (I pinned this at 5,000,000) or higher, because that’s where the latents are in AA. The three “harder” floors in AA, namely 13, 19, and 20. So Hashihime, Ibaraki, Camael, Metatrons, and Kalis.

Cataclysmic Dragon Rush: Everything in Cataclysmic Dragon Rush because they have crap tons of HP.

Because the floors are so few, there’s really no point in doing any serious weighting.

AA Units, 5m Def or higher, 13, 19, 20.
Attacker 4
Healer 2
Devil 1
Balanced 1
Physical 1
God 0
Machine 0
Dragon 0
Machine 4
Devil 4
Balanced 4
Attacker 4
Physical 3
Healer 3
God 0
Dragon 0


Everything in Dragon Rush is pretty balanced. However, AA is a little different, There are 4 shared attacker types total and 2 healer types. The attackers come from Metatron, 2 of the 3 floors on floor 16, and then Gaia. Healers cover the other metatron and Kali.

This is a very interesting look because by a raw count of comparison, Healer and Attackers aren’t very popular, but it looks as though by selecting certain floors that may be more problematic due to high Defense or by commonly accepted “this is a harder floor” standards, they stand out a bit more than something like Devil, which appears often but only in one instance in AA.

Keep in mind Vishnu is attacker type and Starling is Healer type.

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