Preparing to take on Ultimate Arena 1

Preparing to take on Ultimate Arena 1

Building Confidence to take on Ultimate Arena 1

I remember the days when the hurdles were: Ocean of Heaven, King of the Gods, and Hera Descended. Puzzle and Dragons has come very far since then. It used to be that early game was when you did those, then worked your way through descended.

Must have check list:

  • Full SBR. SBR means Skill Bind Resist. They are awoken skills on some units that look like this:  You will need 5 of them for a full 100%. Some floors will hit you with what’s called a Skill bind. Your units will still attack but none will be able to use their skills. Usually eating a skill bound is death.
  • Enough HP either raw, or with a shield to take Divine Queen Hera’s Preemptive: 38,910. If you can’t take this hit you’ll die when she appears.
  • A poison orb changer, or board changer. If you have 100% Poison orb resist, 5 of these on your team, it should be fine. Beelze will convert all your orbs to poison. Unless you can get rid of them, you’ll die.

Moving Forward

I think the first 10 floors are pretty easy. You should be able to advance through them quickly. If you struggle then it’s likely something wrong with your team composition, or they are under leveled or any variety of other reasons.. Some of the later floors have very similar monsters in other dungeons. If you are having anxiety about taking on Arena 1, there are certainly other dungeons you can do to help you get a better feel for it.


Paradise of Holy Beasts. Koryu spawns as the end boss, plus the Chinese gods are also earlier.

Sonia Gran will help you learn how to fight the 3 color Sonias and more useful later on as well.

Fl12: Extreme King Metal Dragon. This one is easier to get to for practice as you can buy his dungeon in the coin dungeon.


  1. Medjedra Descended
  2. Sphinx Descended

Practice hitting under 200,000 damage with your team. Try out a variety of combos and solves to know where your damage is. This will become a very important skill in the future as well.


  • Agni Descended spawns the similar Drall in his dungeon, plus Agni will also force you to practice your combo skills.
  • Diagoldos Descended has the similar Generate Earth Dragon.
  • Hera-Beorc Descended has Siren, while not exactly the same as the Leviathan, it has a similar attack pattern.


I believe these are unique arena spawns. Some quick suggestions:

  • Hino: Delay, poison, or FUA. If you trigger his resolve without killing he resets all your skills.
  • Venus: She just does a timer debuff attack, shouldn’t be too hard to kill her.
  • Parvati: Remember earlier I mentioned knowing how hard you hit? She has the same absorb mechanic sopdet has, just not the countdown. This is part of why having a fujin is really nice since you can just activate and kill her. Her resolve attack only creates jammers so it’s not as bad as Hino’s.
  • Meimei: Similar defense to EKMD, if you can break EKMD defense you should be able to break her defense too.


Ultimate Devil Rush to try Grisar, though the Arena version of him is actually easier.


These are basically souped up versions of Zeus Dios, Zeus Vulcan, Zeus Mercury. If you can defeat those dungeons you should largely be fine here. With teams now and 7c awokens, you’ll want to be hitting 7c anyways, which doesn’t really put any of the other 2 Zeus’ at a threat level if you have been practicing combos.


  • Legendary Mountain Path
  • Sonia Gran Descended
  • Legendary Hills
  • Legendary Skyway

These should cover most of the spawns here.

Sonia Gran, Gran reverse dungeon- able to clear pretty consistently, deals with fl11 spawns, and fl18 spawn


Remember the two things I mentioned above earlier? Being able to deal with a full poison board, or being able to tank the 38,910 damage? This is where that comes into play.

Ability to tank 38,910 preemptive strike. Common abilities include Indra, Tachibana, Julie (any shield)

A board change or a way to deal with poison board.

Unfortunately, even though these spawns are all similar monsters you’ve seen before like Hera-Ur, Hera-Is, none of them in their respective descended dungeons are close enough to use as any kind of practice.


Congratulations! You’ve made it. Feel free to use any skill necessary to kill Kali. Board change, burst, whatever you need.


Once you’ve cleared Arena 1, you can move on to the other Arenas. Arena 2 isn’t that much of a step up from Arena 1 in difficulty. Arena 3 has some extra challenges, namely dealing with the Radar Dragon series. 3 Hands of Fate and Alt Arena are both significantly harder than Arena 1.

The great thing about being able to clear Arena 1 with consistency is that now you have a way to farm for pii for skill ups. Outside of awokens and levels, skill level is another form of advancement for your units. Most REM units do not have a skill up fodder in dungeons and Pii is generally the fastest way since they are a 100% chance. You can also trade with your friends for the colors you need or the colors they need.




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