Yusuke Urameshi Team Building

Yusuke Urameshi Team Building

Yusuke Urameshi Template

Yusuke is a rather new arrival, and the chase card for the Yu Yu Hakusho Collaboration, you can see my review for the collab here. Today I’ll provide a template for those lucky enough to roll a  Yusuke. I managed to get him in about 10 rolls, I guess it’s payment for the arm and the leg for Ed.

I’d probably go with 1 or 2 board change subs at most, Yusuke already does a board change, the rest is probably best with utilities or FUA.

Board change subs:

My top choices:





Tachibana has 2 different evos

  • Light/Light Evo
    • Unbindable
    • +2 Combo on Active
    • Only Physical/Devil Killer Latents
  • LIght/Blue Evo
    • 1 Jammer and 1 Poison Resist
    • 75% shield on Active
    • Has Machine/Healer Killer Latent access as well as Physical Devil.

Light Ideal is a strong sub as well. Her delay with board change is very valuable as it serves a dual purpose. She also has three 7c Awokens. With her Super Awoken of Team HP+ she can provide a 15% HP Boost, as much as the team HP+ Badge. Lastly you can get Dragon Killers on her

Obviously Yusuke is a great Yusuke sub. I’d probably stack them if I could, a Yusuke lead wit Yusuke sub, both with Yusuke inherits.

Other Usable Board Changers





Light Kali is useable as a sub, you will probably want to do 1 light TPA to help her do some damage.

Superman/Superman & Flash are both tri color board change. Superman solo has a laser, Flash pairing has a small ATK Buff. Lightning is a laser with a full board change. All three of them are more row based though, and that doesn’t play too well with 7c focused Yusuke.

Roots and Yang Guifei have the weaker laser. The difference compared to others with laser is that both are balanced types and can take any killer, and they are not row based. Yang Guifei has super awokens of 7c, team HP, and unbindable, all good choices. Roots has no SA at this time.

Navi has at least one 7c and can carry a super awoken for a second. She does not get access to dragon or god killers though.

Raijin has the orb unlock feature like Yusuke does, so it might not be that necessary to have that many on a team. Like Kali, you may want to consider making at least 1 TPA if you can. The Light only version of Rajin can take Dragon killers and has a guard break awoken that might be handy.

Astrea in non awoken form is my suggested to deal with color absorbs.

Christmas Fagan also serves as a functional board changer with a 4 color board with hearts with Gravity. He has a 7c and a skill haste

Zinogre is a Monster Hunter Collab. He has a Fujin Active and a all color board change with no hearts. If you are going to run into a damage absorb you may want to bring him. To see more about Monster Hunter, see my review here.

You can use any of the above board changers as assist if you want to as fake SDR (make sure they are not max skilled) or bonus stats. Just make sure you don’t over write anything you need.

Utility Subs





Odindra, enough said.

Ed has two 7cs, an offensive burst that can be hasted and used on top of Yusuke’s board change for even more damage. His active is also a full heal.

Yuna is a 50% shield for 2 turns plus a haste. She also has 4 TE awokens and 2 7c.

NY Yomi’s active can counter painful, occasional ones like Diza’s timer attack. She can take a few utility SA as well such as anti tape or L Unlock. You can also choose to make her unbindable.

Hiko is another Fujin Type active but with no board change, he does give a +2 combo active though so you can use him if you need that 7c VDP combo. So his active is kind of dual use.

Pixel Lightning also serves as a +combo unit. Can also help if Yusuke’s board change doesn’t give you enough light orbs.

Diaochan is usable if you have to deal with constant locked orbs. In addition she has a short enough cooldown you can throw an inherit over her if you are really struggling to find other 7c light subs.

FUA Subs:

FUA as the current boss designs go have become more and more popular to have to deal with.

My top choices:

Raise your hand if you were surprised by any of these picks.

All of these have two 7c awokens, FUA, and a double orb change. Amatsu for me wins out because of the orb unlock. If one of the colors cotton needs to change is locked out, her active doesn’t help. Also for those times where you just need that extra skyfall for the 7c, Cotton’s no skyfall active can hurt too.

Other useable:




Alphonse gives a shield and a board change, keep in mind this board change does not give you a 100% chance of FUA.

Paimon and Scheat both have similar issues, they run the risk of taking away 1 of your only 3 blue orbs in the situation you need it the most. Paimon’s random orb change is a little harder to plan for as Scheat’s is easier since she’s left and right column. Paimon’s OE support is always nice and affects everyone, while Scheat’s multi TPA really means you have to TPA with her or give up her dealing damage.

Y’sholta won’t screw your board but is blue main color and has no offensive awokens. She can take Dragon killers though if she’s your choice and are swimming in Dragon killers.

Mizutsune won’t immediately fix your need for an FUA, but it has FUA awoken and matches the sub color of Yusuke so it can contribute to some damage. Can also take Dragon killers.

Farmable Subs

Harder to obtain




These are useable subs for Yusuke if you have them.

Orpharion provides some skyfall support and some decent stats.

Hexazeon just came by earlier and you can use him both as a stat stick and a board changer if you’ve got it all skilled up.

Rushana remains the only FUA base awoken farmable at this time. Myr can carry an FUA after a super awoken. I think it might be faster at this point to just get help  obtaining Rushana as a stand in FUA than getting a Myr and doing the long evo chain.

Easier to obtain





These are absolute scraping the bottom units.

Verche and Angelion are basically evo mats at this point. Elia is farmable out of the Ultimate God Rush dungeon. You can use these units while you are saving up stones for the next godfest to roll on for other subs.

Assist choices

What I think is interesting is that almost all the best assist choices are water main and not light main




Ameno, Nene, and Barioth Equip active all give the same board change. Light, Water, Hearts. Basically everything Yusuke wants.

Kaoru has a top and bottom row change so you can at least  get 2 of each color combo out of her active by breaking the rows apart.

Famiel is just a weaker version of the other board changers, but if you need the laser + board change, can consider it as an inherit over the one you’re using.

Andy is luckily a common roll from KoF and does have a decent board change.

Arondight is not a bad choice if you are running an off color sub. It will help you focus your damage.

Thank you for reading!

Lots of Credit to fellow Redditors for some more suggestions:






Beach Tachi is basically everything Light/Blue Tachi is for awokens, but with reversed colors. The active is the same as the new Light/Light Tachi evo.





Pollux won’t fix the fact if you don’t have blues, but you can combo it into other board changes if you’ve got them assisted like a Nene board change to make 2 color board. Also works as 7×6 leader swap if you want to play with that.

Barioth Hunter has a delay and multiplayer boost. While not matching fully on color, it’s able to carry any killer.





Aife’s triple 7c matches ideals triple 7c. Though not as useful in both matching main/sub attributes or active skill, a strong offensive sub to consider.





Allura is a little on the weak side for stats, but like Pollux will remove hazards on the board. Bonus points for increased light skyfalls.





Fenrir viz is a viable choice. The fact that his active is only 3 turns means it’s easy to inherit over. Plus the colors match, a 7c and God killer awoken. Three TE is a nice bonus.






Hathor’s Gravity comes with a TE. Again, useful for the really nasty time reduction attacks from things like Diza.

You probably already rolled Genkai if you did try to chase Yusuke. A little on the weak stats side but the active will just about ensure activation for Yusuke.





Full board changer that also carries an FUA, however, he does give jammers. But it’s on a short cooldown and has a time extend.





For the times you absolutely need to make sure you get a VDP board and hit 7c, +combo is certainly one of the best actives. Khepri is a farmable that does that and give you extra move time.

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