Rikuu Cup Speed team building guide

Rikuu Cup Speed team building guide

Rikuu Cup with Zeus Verse

So the Rikuu Cup is upon us. For this ranking dungeon if you have the right team it’s definitely doable without much combos to get 26% if not easily higher based off of videos.

You’ll want at least 26% to get Rikuu, especially if you missed his dungeon the first time. Rikuu is a good rainbow color lead that can utilize the usual suspects like Ragdra, and Odindra.

Dungeon special rules:

PDX Tournament Link

  • 10 Floors
  • 10x to HP/ATK/RCV for Dragons
  • 3 preemptive strikes
  • <9 combo shield
  • Orb lock
  • Damage null for 30,000,000

What you need for speed

With this quickfire build, the farmable unit I’m going to use is Zeus Verse:




Verse might not seem like a good idea with the 3 preemptive attacks, but you can deal with them.

You also need to have the all attack badge.


Required Actives, Mise en Place:

  • Full cure or 100% Damage reduction shield, needs to be up by Floor 4 or 5 depending on your build.
  • At least 1 or 2 more actives that heal over 50k depending on your build.

Count your skill boosts and the number of floors you have until the floor is up!

Full Heals:





You’ll need either Amaterasu or Ceres in non awoken form for this to work. It absolutely has to be the non awoken form because their awoken forms do not fully heal.

Halloween Verdandi is possible but she also does an orb change. You may need to pray for skyfall or use another active to kill depending on your team.

Full Shields:





When you hit floor 5 you will eat a 99% gravity. These units will help you avoid that if you don’t have a full heal like Amaterasu or Ceres.

  • Takuma Sakazaki has a 20 turn cooldown. You need the First player form to have the 3 SB to get his skill out in time.
  • Ling Yao is 18 turns for his active.
  • Raphael, Ganesha, and Toki are all 13 turn cooldowns and with 2 verses and various other skill boosts should be ready to use.
  • Undine is an even shorter cooldown, and will block Hino’s preemptive as well.




  • Chinbowdra drops in Wood Orb and Dark Orb dungeons and can be purchased to farm for the tournament. A note on Chinbowdra- if you use it, you can pop it on floor 3 with an orb changer to get the kill and then proceed to not worry about the preemptive attack on 4 and 5.
  • Lex Luthor is an old farmable from the DC collab.

Other heal actives:

If you went the 2 turn damage void route you only need 1 more of these for Floor 8, which does 47,172 damage. If you didn’t do the 2 turn damage void route or are going without any damage voids you need to have 2 of these, the first one on Floor 4 for 16,020. There are many of these and usually they will be used as inherits.





These are 8x RCV healers, and need to be inherited onto a dragon type if you want to use them for their active. Otherwise it will not be enough.





  • The Fruit dragons can all work as they do 30% HP recovery. As long as your team max HP is greater than the damage dealt. Maimiya and Misao are old silver rolls from Fist of the North Star and Kenshin.
  • Uriel and his tricolor counter parts are the same level of recovery.
  • Liu Bei is a popular farm lead for many and can be used.
  • Kami and her NY counterpart are also useable here.

The main reason why these aren’t seen in lots of videos is because they combine an orb change with the heal. If you are concerned about the absolute fastest way to do the dungeon then these are a tier below other skills that take less time to activate.

If your 47,172 is greater than 30% of your HP pool then you need a stronger heal than the above 30% heal. You do have some other options:




  • Kaoru does a double row change, hope she’s not taking away the orbs you need.
  • Chu doesn’t take away orbs but does use time on a nuke active.
  • Nees is dangerous to use if you are running Tsubaki or Kiri on your teams and need those orbs to kill. Make sure you don’t need those orbs to kill. If you have a stronger heal for later, you can still use Nees on the weaker preempt on Floor 4 and a devil killer sub to kill the bowl dragon.
  • If you made valentine’s chocolate, you can definitely consider using it as an equip.

Killer subs, prep work:

Because this dungeon boosts the stats of dragons we want dragon subs. Utilizing the extra stats and killers on units is how the speed works.

Common choices:




These are probably the more popular sub choices due to their killers or other utilities.

  • Tsubaki needs to be in this form for her double dragon killers. She also has a low base skill which makes inheriting the heals you need much easier.
  • Whaledoor is a skill boost sub that is farmable and probably will be brought along if you need to bring out your inherits in time, especially if some of your inherit options have longer charge times.
  • Kiri has triple dragon killer, great for most floors, but her attack will probably be useless on Rikuu due to the over damage.
  • NY Yamato has 3 skill boosts and can go for a second dragon killer with super awokens.
  • Shazel is mostly used for the triple devil killer to take on floor 3 and 4, both of which have devil type, with floor 4 with 100 million HP, all the killers makes the devil killers handy for a fast kill.

Other options




  • Avalon Drake is a 2 color board change as well as a dragon type. This is important for Vulcan on Floor 6.
  • Bairoth Female Hunter is great because she has a heal and a dragon killer and she was a farmable.

Dealing with Zeus Vulcan

Zeus Vulcan on Floor 6 on this dungeon has 8 million HP and 20,000 Defense. He does a combo shield of 8 (so you need 9 or more) as well as a damage null of 10 million or higher.

If you hit too hard you don’t kill him, if you don’t combo hard enough you don’t kill him.

Board Change




It’s also possible to use a tri color board change, but solving for 9c with 2 color boards is much faster.

+ Combo

There are lots of + combo subs, the higher the better, obviously, especially if you’re not running a board change



  • Morrigu has a +3 combo, at a 16 turn cooldown.
  • Planar has a board change and +3 combo, if you’re running Tsubaki may want to make sure you don’t go over.






These are some of the +2 combos.

  • Botan was a common roll in YYH collaboration. 15 Turn cooldown. I hope you kept one
  • Hiko is the longest cooldown, so again, count your skill boosts and charge turns, it needs to be up by Floor 6, so that’s 5 turns,  you’ll need 20 turns on his own, on top of the base skill since you will be inheriting him as he’s not dragon type. EDIT- as pointed out in the comments, the new split ult is a Dragon type.
  • Cthuga has a haste, if for some reason you need your heal for floor 8 this can be helpful.
  • Meri does a orb change for blue as well, again, if you’re running Kiri you run the risk of going over the damage shield.
  • Lightning does a bottom row change, properly setup it’s 3 combos, with 2 more on her active, you only need to do 4 more after that.
  • Ea doesn’t fix any boards, the damage reduction is irrelevant but +2 combo is +2 combo.
  • Kim Kaphwan is a silver from KoF.




The Samurai 2 Series all do a board change with + combo. Can be considered, just make sure you are getting the colors you need to kill, again this will depend on your team.







These are some of the +1 combo units. They are definitely not as helpful, but any help you can get on this floor is more than welcome.

  • Cecil has a board change with a +1. Lots of the other Pixels in the Final Fantasy series have a +combo as well, so I’d give those a look if you have them.
  • Kirin is a weaker version of lightning for purposes of this floor. A row change with +1 instead of +2.
  • King and Athena are also KoF rolls that you may have to help a little here.





Brachydios has a 300x nuke. You a little over 2700 base ATK But under 3330. (2674-3339 to be a bit more precise)

If your Brachydios is already 297, it will not kill Vulcan and will hit the shield. You need to find an inherit for it.

Finalizing the build, Service:

The dungeon has a few key points, the biggest challenges to building around it is having enough actives to deal with the preemptives. Not all skills HAVE to be up on floor 1, you do get a few turns of charge.

  • Your first heal needs to be ready by Floor 4, You get 3 turns to charge it. This heal can be a smaller heal. 30% usually should be enough.
  • You need your full heal or shield up by Floor 5. This is 4 turns to charge. You either have a full heal or shield, or you cannot run this team.
  • Floor 6 has the combo shield. Whatever counter you run you can get 5 turns to charge it on top of your skill boosts.
  • Your big heal needs to be ready by floor 8. You can also use a damage null shield here if you want.

There may be times where skyfall can screw you up  because of going damage over, there might be times where you underestimate your damage. Every team will be different. It may take more than 1 run to get your matching order right.

Here are some videos to watch so you can get a better feel:

Chinbowdra, Avalon Drake, Female Hunter, Tsubaki, No inherits

Tsubaki, Kiri, Shazel, Ganesha

NY Yamato, Shazel, Tsubaki, Kiri.

Tsubaki x2, Whaledor, Kiri.

Tsubakai x2, Shazel, Kiri.

Brachydios, Wahledor, Demon X Hunter, Shazel.

As you can see there are many variations to this team. I have done my best to provide some substitute skills for popular builds.

Good luck and hope you all get at least Rikuu and hopefully a crown!

24 Replies to “Rikuu Cup Speed team building guide”

  1. I believe the last video link uses Demon X Gear rather than the Nergigante Alpha Gear. Unless I am blind.

    By the way, awesome guide, thanks for writing it 🙂

  2. What if you have no access to Tsubakis? I can’t reliably kill Rikuu with just Kiri. Not sure how many combos to do or not to do with my team. (Verse / Whaledor / Shazel / Avalon Drake / Kiri).

    1. Do you have NY yamato takeru? tsubaki is used because her 2 dragon killer and red color doesn’t go over the damage cap like Kiri would, on top of having a low base skill cooldown to inherit it over.

  3. Is there any way to know what tournament dungeon is coming to NA next? I feel like I’m always scrambling to get a team ready after the dungeon comes out.

  4. Hey Chef, great post with thorough research, thanks again!

    Question about how to kill Rikuu:

    Here’s my team:
    Verse (Firelight Sword 4237) / Kiri (lv 102, with Metatron) / Whaledor (Raphael) / Avalon Drake (Pocket watch 4050, mainly for the time extend) / Tsubaki (R. Ceres), all max level +297

    i guess the main dmg output would come from kiri and tsubaki, how many water and fire combo should i do to make it OHKO for Rikuu? Thanks a lot!

    1. Assuming you have no other latents that can affect damage you can do 1 red and 2-3c? It looks like your team setup is similar to this on the rikuu floor.

      1. Hi, there’s no offensive latents on the team. when you say 1 red and 2-3c, does it mean i don’t even need to worry about water orbs? is there a damage calculator so that i don’t have to bother you with tedious questions like these? thanks!

          1. Hey Chef!

            Thanks to your combo advice for the last floor, I was finally able to OHKO Rikuu, and walked away with a 15.6% score!!!

  5. Is it possible to place high if you give up a turn?

    I’m essentially running Tsubaki (Metatron)/Kiri/Sheza(Metatron)/Brachydios. When I reach the 5th round, I let the serpent hit me and because he takes two turns to attack, I use the first turn to heal up (4 hearts or 2×3 hearts easily maxes you out) and then KO him on the next turn. Then I button Zeus and sweep the rest.

    Is that one turn going to keep me from paying in the upper echelons? So far I’m at 32% and I wondering if the -5K points from skill killing and the extra turn are what’s keeping me out out <26%

    I tried Ganesha instead of Brachy like one of the videos but I cannot for the life of me get the 9 combos naturally so I opted for the BrachyButton.

    1. How high do you want to place? Do you have any +combo inherits or board changers? Most Verse teams don’t button because you can’t make up for the lost points because you’re not comboing.

      1. My goal would honestly just be to be able to beat the 26% so I can get Rikku. If this can get me that high, I would be happy with that. The crown is understandably out of the question.

        So here’s the thing.
        I’ve tried the following with really no avail:
        Tsubaki/Kiri/Sheza/Ganesha – Fails because I can’t reliable hit the 9c (or get lucky sky falls)
        Tsubaki/Cthugha/Sheza/Ganesha – Completely reliant on Tsubaki for dragon killer, no red = dead on any dragon

        None of my + combo / board changers are low enough to inherit. I don’t really feel like I have an option because Tsubaki and Sheza have Metatrons attached and they have the lowest cooldowns. Kiri’s is too high which leaves inheriting on her pointless, so the last space needs to be whatever I need to deal with Zeus.

        I under though that, realistically, I just need to get good / lucky with the Tsubaki/Kiri/Sheza/Ganesha set up, but I suppose my skill level is not high enough to 9c with the time available on that team.

        1. I’m inclined to agree that it’s probably better off betting on a good board/skyfall for your runs than to run brachy. What have been your scores with/without brachy?

          1. So far my highest Brachy score is 85,302, which has me at 31.3%. For whatever reason, it always takes me two turns to KO Rikku with the Brachy set up.

            I can’t even remember the last score without Brachy to be honest. I think just today, without Brachy, I made about 12 attempts with with the Tsubaki/Kiri/Sheza/Ganesha and I never once got a board I could 9c, although I could skyfall into 8cs.

            Thanks for your advice, I’ll just keep trying with getting that 9c.

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