Magic: The Gathering Collab Review

Magic: The Gathering Collab Review

Magic: The Gathering Collab!

Magic: The Gathering is a TCG that’s been around for ages! I remember starting when I was in elementary school with my brother, kept playing a bit throughout high school. I went to college out of state, I decided to bring all my nerd things (Dungeons and Dragons rule books, a majority of my Magic cards, properly stored in a green Wildlife Treasury box. As I unpacked people asked what was in the box. A few of them, upon realizing that they were magic cards immediately called home and asked for theirs to be shipped. I am kind of sad I sold off my SDCC 2016 exclusive which has the full set of these but in altered art here

They turned out to be some of my closest friends since college. We still try to play once a week online together with silly rule sets. I often think that without Magic and other things like it, my life would be very different.


Nothing really worth chasing, lots of fun stuff though.

Chef’s Preferences:

  • Jhoira
  • Vraska
  • Everything Else.

Let’s get started!

Karn, Scion of Urza


  • HP 5515
  • ATK 1745
  • RCV 13

Awful RCV.


Triple 7c, welcome to the Tachibana family! Small complaint that this set of awokens is basically what’s meta now and it’s getting a bit stale.

Leader Skill:

ATK x3 and reduced damage when matching 4 or more Jammers; ATK x4 and reduced damage when matching 2 jammer combos.

So if you like jammers you have another lead. It will take between 4-7 jammers every turn to have full activation, but I think you might not even need full activation every turn given his awokens if you hit 7c anyways.

Sub Ideas:

Normally I would say you need some utility for subs, but in the case of Karn, no jammer = no activation. So I would highly recommend always having a skill ready for jammers. Here are some subs for ideas:

Light Main Subs





Non Light Main subs


Active Skill

Full HP Recovery, All orbs to Light/Jammer/Heart. 11 turn max CD.

You could always just put him on a fast farming Yog team with this active, works with Ed teams as well. Overall it synergizes well with his leader skill. The only drawback is the jammers if youre not using a Jammer lead.

Assist Evo

A triple poison resist, very similar to Rathian’s evo here:





Your difference is in the light rows and HP instead of Attack for the Awokens, and a different skill. Lots of times the Poison resist is used for something like AA where you may have to deal with annoying poison orb changes. The Light rows on Karn’s assist may or may not be helpful to you. I’d be hesitant to turn Karn into an assist because I think he can be a fun lead with a different play style and a good sub.

Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh


  • HP 4638
  • ATK 2048
  • RCV 173

Stats are more balanced than Karn


Hiei has a BFF!

Leader Skill:

[No Skyfall] 5+ Combos for a Shield and 2.5 ATK.  When there are 8 or less orbs on the board after matching ATK increases, up to 12x.

This is a pretty cool leader skill. It’s a raw combo and only 5 combos, so not that hard to hit. The scaling isn’t that hard either, it starts at 8 remaining, which means you can even just ignore an entire row of orbs and still get something out of it. It’s a fairly forgiving Leader skill.

Sub Ideas

I’ll just give you the list of every dark TPA, there’s a ton.


Active Skill:

Nullify all damage for 1 turn. Reduce the cooldown of all other units by 2. Max 18.

Nerfed before release. It was 16 before, but with 16 you could loop all the Bolas’ and be forever invincible, which would actually be pretty lore fitting for him, but game breaking otherwise. Invincibility is always a good skill to have around, as a sub, or assist, and really is more dependent on what dungeon you are doing if you need it.

Assist Evo

The only other Unbindable equip comes at a 750k mp price tag on Mut. Nicol’s skill is also more useful than the orb change, but it’s up to you if you want to turn him into a card rather than use him.

Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain

My favorite artwork is this one.


  • HP: 3908
  • ATK 1740
  • RCV: 498

Decently distributed stats, but I feel like it’s kind of low as a total. But her closest competitor in terms of Leader skill, Diablos, has 500 more HP and 1400 more ATK


I think she is the first one to get the 10c Awoken on NA. This one works like 7c, except you get 5x the attack when you hit 10c, which is significantly easier on a 7×6 board.

Leader Skill:

[7×6 Board] ATK x3 when Water and Fire attack; 8 combo or more for a shield and ATK x3

This is why I compared her to Diablos earlier. Diablos has 8.5x and Jhoira hits 9x. She does have a small color requirement, and she does get killers of any type becuase she’s balanced. She is nearly as flexible as Diablos, but you’ll probably want some Urd/Weld type actives. Her focused damage with some of the high damage dragon callers like No. 6 and Enra could make it so that she doesn’t necessarily have to carry the team on her own.

Active Skill:

Heal 50% of max up. Bind and Awoken Bind status fully recovered. Reduces cooldown of other skills by 1 turn. Max 9 turn CD

So it’s Odin Dragon, but it’s inheritable.

Assist Evo

It’s got a cloud resist and +HP and TE on it, great skill as well. I’m not sure if I would take a solo one into assist, maybe if I had a dupe?


She’s like John Cena, you’re not supposed to see her. One verson of her card is Vraska the Unseen. A friend of mine has theirs altered where Vraska isn’t on the card anymore.


  • HP: 4008
  • ATK: 1903
  • RCV 368

Decent stat spread, wish the HP was a little higher.


All she needed was some TE to join the Tachi family. But she does get FUA.

Leader Skill:

Wood ATT HP x2, ATK x4, +2 Seconds to orb move time. x3 attack when Wood and Dark Attack

So, that’s 144x for a very easily leader skill to activate.  Popular board change subs work well with her and the 7c synergy:




Are just some examples. I think she’s probably an under rated card in terms of power level to ease of use ratio to other cards in the 6 star level.

For her team you don’t need to have all board changers since she’s a board changer herself and a low requirement for her leader skill. Definitely bring along some utility.

Active Skill:

RCV x2 for 3 turns. Remove orb locks, change all orbs to Wood, Dark, Heal. Max 11 turn CD

RCV Buffs are becoming a little more valuable in some of the newer dungeons. Bigfoot dungeon has a new siren that halves your RCV for eaxmple. Some other challenge dungeons also use this mechanic to make it harder to heal.

The board change itself is nice too, gives her both colors she needs for activation and heal.

Assist Evo

Skill Boost on an equip! Similar to Nicol Bolas this is a rare awoken on an eqiup. Unless you want to drop 750k MP on Amen, or have a Nergigante equip, this is currently your only other option for a Skill Boost Equip.

Nissa Revane

Not my favorite Planeswalker, I have a version of  her but have never used her in any deck.


  • HP 3130
  • ATK 1092
  • RCV 523


Yo dawg, I heard you like bind clears. I think this is the only time I’ve seen a triple bind clear. It’s not particularly useful given the fact that Odin Dragon is a thing, and you don’t need a row of hearts to use it. Maybe useful if you’re just starting out and don’t have any bind clear.

Leader Skill:

ATK x5 when 2 heal combos. Damage reduced by half for when hearts matched in a Cross shape

Way too many requirements for way too little. This is 8 heart orbs for a full activation on a unit that doesn’t have any attack focused awokens. Not worth using.

Active Skill:

For 1 turn, Wood Attribute Cards x4. Max 10 turn CD

This is actually useful. It’s a little weaker than the Egg dragons, but stronger than lots of other ones. Sometimes popular Green Sonia teams need a burst and here’s a decent one to use.

Chandra Nalaar

I absolutely love her theme. I do plan on adding her to some of my more burn style decks, possibly my Niv-Mizzet EDH deck.


  • HP: 3086
  • ATK: 1910
  • RCV: 43

True to the color Red in both MTG and PAD, next to no RCV, with a focus on attack.


Not many support awokens, and focus on L-unlock. It’s unfortunate that it’s not at least 2 7c. This is nothing to write home about.

Leader Skill:

2 Fire combos for 4x ATK. When eliminating 5 fire orbs or more together 2x ATK.

At least it’s some what synergistic with her awokens. If you just have an L shape you can get some damage. But her issue is the same as Nissa, it’s super orb hungry for a full activation that won’t give you much.

Active Skill:

10% Max HP Gravity, left most and right most columns turn into fire. Max 15 turn

Max Gravity HP is always useful to have, provided you’re not dealing with damage nulls and stuff. The double column change is a nice skill to have too if you are trying to setup specific boards after doing a full board change.

Liliana Vess

I never liked her playstyle as a Planeswalker. I don’t play lots of graveyard recursion, but she’s a very strong.


  • HP: 3713
  • ATK 1459
  • RCV 127


Yeah dark rows! The team HP+ is a nice bonus, and she does carry an SBR.

Leader Skill:

Dark Att. ATK and HP x2. ATK x3 when matching 6 or more dark orbs.

This is a very basic, straight forward leader skill. Very weak in terms of today’s meta, but really reminds me of old mono color teams with a little extra kick. Actually useable at early stages for fast farming/clearing which is pretty mindless as opposed to trying to do dungeons early on with Nissa.

Active Skill:

ATK x50 nuke on all enemies based on team Dark Attack. Turn top row into Dark orbs. Lock all dark orbs. Max 12 turn CD.

I always like multi part actives. The dark nuke + dark row can be very useful for Satan void teams I’m sure, you could probably get 2 floors of clear with 1 skill just based on her skill alone. And she can save you your dark orbs from being changed away if you run into dungeons that like to do that.

Jace Beleren

I was hoping we’d see Jace the Mind Sculptor version, but instead we got something like this Jace. For those that haven’t played Magic: The Gathering, the first Jace is extremely powerful and is still worth quite a bit of money.


  • HP: 3360
  • ATK: 1282
  • RCV: 338


I guess it’s as good as can be expected for a 5 star roll from a collab. Wish it had an SBR at the very least.

Leader Skill:

Water Att. HP x1.5, ATK x4 ; +2 seconds orb movement; RCV x2 when matching 4 Heal orbs

Baseline to start with isn’t bad for early game clearing. The combination of 7c and orb move time does encourage newer players who roll this to try to get 7c.

Active Skill:

1 turn delay; all enemies Mortally Poisoned (Max CD: 12)

Super disappointing active skill, considering Jace’s actual MTG abilities. I guess it’s useable as an inherit if you need it, but overall you won’t see much use of this skill.

Gideon Jura

So the version of him that I have is this one. It’s fun to have out against decks that have lots of weenies because then I can fire off his ultimate ability and hopefully win the game.


  • HP: 4205
  • ATK: 1418
  • RCV: 0

No RCV, womp womp.


So many awokens to take up space and not do much. The resistance awokens could use an overhaul if they want it to be meaningful. Comparatively speaking he has more, but they have less meaning than his counter parts.

Leader Skill:

ATK x5 when HP>50%, ATK x8 when HP<20%; May survive when HP is reduced to 0

I think I would probably figure out a team to use with Raizen. They could pair pretty well together for farming situations I’m sure.

Active Skill:

For 3 turns, reduced damage taken. For 3 turns, +1 combo Max 13 turn.

I suppose it can be useful for high combo teams if you are having issues hitting some combo limit.

Serra Angel

This is the OG artwork right here. One of the most iconic cards of the series. The ability that it has later becomes an actual keyword called Vigilance.


  • HP: 3242
  • ATK: 1210
  • RCV: 418


Three prongs pretty decent, unfortunately with her low base attack, I don’t think it will be very helpful in the end game.

Leader Skill:

Light Att HP and RCV x2; ATK x3 when 5 combos or more.

This one’s a little harder to activate for newer players. You will want to do 5 combos and match at least 1 TPA for any real effect. Again, falls off pretty quickly as you progress through the game.

Active Skill:

Unlock all orbs; convert Wood, Jammer, & Poison to Light. Max 7 turn.

This slightly bothers me. In Magic: The Gathering lore, there’s the concept of allied colors and opposing colors. If you look at the back of every card:

You will see there are 5 colors: White, Blue, Black, Red, and Green. The “allied colors” are the colors adjacent to each color, in this case, White is allied with Green and Blue, but opposed to REd and Black. I was expecting an opposite color change as in “taking away” the opposing color, but I guess green”providing” for white also makes sense. Just my little nitpick here.

A short 7 turn orb unlock cooldown can be useful to have for an assist, especially since some of the popular teams now are also light bsaed.

Shivan Dragon

Also a very  old school classic. OG Art. I think I may have had one? I might still have a 7th edition one or something somewhere.


  • HP: 3682
  • ATK: 1654
  • RCV: 17


It’s got some of the less popular killers, but having a sub with killers is always good to have.

Leader Skill:

Dragon Type HP and ATK x2; ATK x2.5 when matching 5+ Fire orbs

Nothing really special to write home about. Basic, falls off later.

Active Skill:

Enemy DEF to 0 for 1 turn; Dragon ATKx3 for 1 turn. Max 13 turns.

This I actually don’t mind. This isn’t a bad inherit for Sonia teams on certain floors where the enemy might have a combination of a fairly high defense and a good chunk of HP. Ultimately, having a full defense break is just good to have when farming.



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  1. Hey Chef!

    What kind of inherit do you recommend for Jhoira?


    What kind of awoken should I put on her? I know there are popular killers out there, but I’m debating if i should save 2 spots for skill delay resist?

    As always, thanks a lot!

    1. I would go with an awoken bind clear inherit. I think one of her strong points is that when leading her, you free up that sub spot that’s normally dedicated to Odindra so you can have other subs. So if you don’t have dupe, possibly GOdin equip or Nees. Unless the Awoken bind is longer than 5 turns. For Killers you can do 3 god or 3 dragon as the usual for killing most things that are hard, you can drop 1 killer awoken for 2 SDR, it’s really a preference.

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