Keela Descended with Kaede x ALB

Keela Descended with Kaede x ALB

Keela and the return of Myr

I finally got around to trying the Kaede x Liu Bei co op way of doing Keela. Original video is here. I didn’t do it with the exact team and I think there are some work arounds if you don’t have the exact pieces. I’ll do my best to explain it below.

Keela is important because she is a piece for making the new evo of Myr.

Base Units




Since we are running with a Liu Bei type team, Dios is required. Kaede has a couple of reasons for being here: No Skyfall to avoid matching away key orbs, creating boards that have 2 wood combos and leaving 6 or fewer orbs on the board for her leader skill.  More on this in the Inherits section.

Green VDP

In this dungeon you will encounter two floors with a damage null and you need VDP to punch them both.

Brachy is the farmable, Zidane was what was used in the video. I was able to kill Keela with Brachy and Bartz has balanced typing and higher attack than Brachy so I think he should be okay. I used God Killers on my Brachy for Castor and Keela. I had to use Brachy’s active on Ras to make sure I could kill her, a few tries before I didn’t. You can also put killers on your Dios’ to help you kill some of the in between floors like Ras. I actually put healer killers on my Dios because on my earlier runs I had issues. Zela should work here as well.

Absorb Null Active (Fujin Active)






Any of these work because you need to deal with Osiris on Floor 4. Keep in mind the longer the cooldown the higher the risk because you will need to use some turns to stall out and charge skills. Ideally you wouldn’t have to stall for skills but that depends on the number of skill boosts you have.

Skill Boosts


Nothing says co op more like subs with lots of Skill Boosts. You may want one or two of these depending on your setup.


Change the World

This means anything that lets you move the board freely. You can use things like



These are all possible with different times on them. Be mindful of the time you get to move orbs around so you can plan accordingly. I don’t really recommend Yomi or Ceres Change the World skill as the damage buff overrides other stronger damage buffs that you will. Keela will do a 4 spinner orb attack. If you time your active use correctly you can get them all to line up at the color you want and the orbs will not change while your CTW skill is active. If you have skill confirmation on you can tap the unit with the CTW skill when the orb is green, look at the board and make sure it is green, then activate the skill.

This inherit should go on one of the leaders.





A key inherit in this. You’ll want to setup boards that look like this twice in this dungeon. The location of the VDP can vary.








Indigo locks the orbs so that they don’t get changed to green, nor will they get changed with the spinner, and you can control when to match them off. this helps create the 2 wood combo setups you need for Kaede’s activation and a giant blob for Liu Bei. Be careful not to match it so that there is a drop down match from the dark and blue. This inherit goes on one of the leaders that isn’t with CTW.

Damage buff




I’ve actually only ran this with Carat, but I’m pretty sure Bacches will work as well. I have not used Freyja or weaker damage buffs so I can’t speak to it.

Skill Delay inherits

It doesn’t even matter what kind of inherit, Floor 1 will do a SDR attack. So you can use other units over the hosting team’s Dios’ to block it or use SDR if you want. Feel free to use long cooldown green units for extra stats.

Floor by Floor

The harder floors to match are Floor 2 with Castor, and Keela. The player better at matching should be active on those floors. You do get a pass or two to use if you need.

Floor 1

Player 1 Dios Swipe.

Floor 2

Castor will set a spinner orb. You need to Dios and Indigo. Make sure to use your Indigo when the spinner is NOT on dark or blue. At this point you need to time the spinner orb to turn to green to match the rest so you can VDP.  I suggest waiting until the orb that is spinning is just about to turn away from green so you get 6 seconds or so to move. My team had about 6 seconds of move time or so, so I knew if I started my move on a yellow orb I should be able to use my full move time and have time to make sure it gets back to green.

Floor 3

Depending on your setup you may need to pass or use a skill like PIxel Brachy for a small damage boost. Ras will swap your leader, as you can see in the video they passed because the hosting player has Fujin and they wanted to Fujin Osiris on the turn they enter. I had to use my Brachy here depending on who they swapped because I am lazy and my Dios’ were lacking in damage. But otherwise just make a 3 match of green on the bottom and it should be fine. If your spinner orb is in the way just make sure you time it properly so you can drop when the orb is green. Be careful that the blues and darks don’t line up.

The board should look like this

Floor 4

Fujin + Dios Swipe. Burst active here if you have carat since it’s 2 turns and will carry over. You can actually tank a turn or two here depending on if you get heart orbs and how much HP your team has. Be mindful of the skill delays!

Floor 5

Much like Floor 2 with castor, but this time you will use your CTW active. Start the active when the orbs are green so they don’t change anymore. This time you can line up your Blue and Dark from the locked orb to match them off to get more damage. If you didn’t use Carat, you should use Bacches here.

Final Count

You’re going to need, between both players for baseline subs:

  • Five Dios
  • Fujin Active
  • Green VDP

This leaves 2 slots open. Five Dios, Kaede, and Liu Bei is 16 skill Boosts. This is where the type of fujin you have is kind of important. Uruka would need more Skill Boosts to get up in time for Osiris, where as Fujin would not. Pay attention and coordinate with your partner to see what you need.

For inheriting:

  • CTW and Indigo go on the leaders, doesn’t matter which one as long as they are ready. Kaede is on a shorter cooldown but if Liu Bei and Kaede are both max skilled, just the baseline requirements should have them up.
  • Dios can take on color inherits that shouldn’t override their actives. The extra stat bonuses can be useful.
  • Tengus have a low base skill and can freely take the Damage buff inherit.
  • Hosting team needs to have some way to deal with the skill delays on floor one.

I hope this helps you acquire your new Myr, good luck!

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